Seacrest’s Secret

Valeria Ostorga, Writer

As stars walked down the Oscars red carpet on Sunday, March 4, E! News covered it through a live show. However, it was visible that E! created a thirty second delay onto the broadcasted show in order to protect their key host Ryan Seacrest. E! made it imperative to assure that celebrities would not comment on Seacrest’s sexual assault allegations, so if they did, the network would be able to cut off the interview. Since the Times Up Movement is prevalent especially during award show season, people have responded negatively towards E!.


While watching the Oscars pre-show on E!, Karina Dominguez, 12, noticed that Seacrest was having little air time as per usual.


“I knew that the live show was weird because they just kept on cutting the camera back to the people who critique the celebrities fashion,” Dominguez said. “I don’t agree with what they did for Ryan Seacrest because most of the men who have been accused of sexual assault have been reprimanded, but instead of that he is being catered.”


Unlike Seacrest, men in Hollywood have been shunned or received compensation for confirmed or unconfirmed allegations. Cases such as that were seen when Matt Lauer was fired from the Today Show for allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior. Even through Matt Lauer’s allegations were not legally confirmed, NBC still showed their support for the Times Up Movement by firing him. Due to this, NBC’s actions due show a difference as opposed to E! News.


In response to the actions of E!, Gwen Rodriguez, 10, comments on how they handled Seacrest’s situation.


“I don’t think that E! did the right thing. By that I mean that they should have just replaced him with someone else because that would have made the live show better,” Rodriguez said. “At this point, they are just rumors and it doesn’t mean that they have to completely fire him.”


On the other hand, Rodriguez gives a different perspective on the situation. Instead of taking great actions against Seacrest, Rodriguez suggest that Seacrest and his situations should have not even associated with the live show – for the show’s sake.


By Seacrest’s situation having occurred during the Times Up Movement, America Molina, 12, comments on how this one in particular can affect the movement.


“It’s obvious that E! hasn’t taken the accusations against Seacrest seriously because if they did then he would have not have appeared on air, but he did,” Molina said. “I’m afraid that this might be a small step to which big named companies will one day forget the importance of women’s rights.”


Here, Molina views the big picture of E!’s scandal with Seacrest. Instead of his sexual assault allegations receiving backlash, Molina believes that it will one day not matter; meaning that companies will not disrupt their productions for political and social news. Ultimately Molina provides the perspective of the women’s rights movement one day becoming “yesterday’s news”.


In all, E! did display a unique response to Seacrest’s scandal as opposed to how other companies have dealt with similar situations. Due to this, the network has received negative comments because they still standby Seacrest which is also followed by ABC. Therefore, Seacrest does cause a stir in the progress of the Times Up Movement.