Thanks Obama

James Torrico, Writer


January 20, 2009, America was ushered into a new dawn, as the first African-American president took office. What a time to be alive, right? Well, at the moment, President Obama was the only silver lining in our country. We had just entered a recession and the housing market had completely tanked.  Unemployment went up significantly and everyone was terrified. Obama was elected at a very tough time but he fought through it.


Yeah, it may have put us into even more in debt but fixing our economy was the main priority at the moment. Obama’s time in office can be looked at both negatively and positively. One of his memorable moments was the creation of Obamacare. It brought healthcare to all Americans. Although it’s flawed, it is a huge stepping stone for the U.S. Another moment was the night Osama Bin Laden was assassinated.


The main quality that stands out from President Obama were his speeches. From the devastating events of Aurora, Colorado to the tragic events at Sandy Hook, he found a way to make us stronger as a nation with his speeches and show us we are all humans and we should all work together. Those are just some positive moments in Obama’s tenure, but overall he will be remembered as the president who re-established relations with Cuba. A huge milestone in this countries history and for the history of Cuba. So although Obama’s tenure as president was a very roller coaster esque journey, no one can deny that he was a stepping stone to a better America.