Exciting Updates Hit Apple With the New iPhone 7

Allie Gurrola, Writer

After seeing the iPhone 6, Apple fans were ready to see what was next. Creating new updates for each different generation of the iPhones has kept Apple on top for years.


Starting with the exterior, the iphone 7 comes in rose gold, gold, silver, black, and now jet black. The new phone is now water resistant, has a pressure sensitive home button, and an entirely new camera.


The water resistance is something the iPhone has never had before. The Samsungs have been water resistant for two phone generations with the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S6, so it is about time Apple came up with something comparable.


Iphones have always been updated with an improved camera. The difference in this camera is the advanced wide color capture, which makes your photos and live photos look even more vibrant.


One thing that has been a bother for a lot of people, is the earphone jack, which has been taken out. In order to use the earphones, you now need bluetooth. If you do not have bluetooth, and you decide to use earphones with the cord, you need to use an extension that connects to the phone like a charger.


This caused a huge upset, listening to music should not not need an extension cord and if you want to charge your phone while you listen to music, you need the extension cord, your charger cord, and the earphone wire.


Overall, the new iPhone 7 is a great phone, with minor complications that most people did not like, but that definitely does not stop true Apple fans, like myself, from buying the phone.