Lights off for an Electric Downey Carnival


Celeste Lira

On Jan. 25, during the Black Light Assembly, the Downey drum line performs with glow in the dark paint in the gym to support the boys’ and girls’ basketball teams. Because of a lack of space, administration decided to exclude underclassmen from the assembly for the first time.

Norma Flores, Sports Editor

A highly anticipated assembly by the student body at Downey High School became an exclusive senior activity on January 25, in the gym during period 3, as the upper classmen experienced the Electric Downey Carnival.


The black light assembly, in preparation for the second round of matches against Warren, was cut down to only the senior class due to the lack of space in the gym.


“I was really disappointed to find out that the black light assembly is going to become seniors only,” Justin Nieto, 11, said. “It sucks because that means I can’t enjoy it with all my friends from different grades.


Although the decision that ASB had to make caused some commotion, it was a necessary one that seniors were still able to enjoy. It gave having seniority one more perk of being one step away from graduating.


As the class began entering the doors, glow sticks and glow figures were handed out in order to make the assembly more engaging.


“I know I’m a senior and I’m almost 18, but I have to admit I like that they gave us glow sticks for the assembly,” Brenda Oporto, 12 said. “I feel like a little kid.”


ASB began by having the cheer team perform while the lights were still on. When lights went off it was the dance team that was the first to perform at the Electric Downey Carnival assembly. Although there were a few difficulties with the audio, it did not take away from their dance, as they did a mix of pop songs taking on a look of the Jabbawockeez.


“I think the dancers were really good,” Christopher Orozco, 12, said. “The only problem was that the music was coming and going, but other than that I really enjoyed it, especially because I had not seen them dance before.”


The presentation of both the girls and boys varsity basketball teams followed and both coaches were determined to bring down the Warren Bears. The assembly was coming to an end, but not without the anticipated drum line performing their interpretation of the Blue Man Crew. They drummed away as glowing orange, green and yellow paint squirted high above them as they hit their drums.


The black light assembly is a tradition during a week of war against the Bears. From Tron, to The Beatles, to the Electric Downey Carnival, this annual assembly becomes a moment of union and school spirit and it once again reminds Vikings why they are proud to be Vikings.