When the Clock Strikes Twelve


Taking center stage after being crowned Prom Queen and King, seniors Sol Ochoa and Caleb Mukathe dance to a slow song, on May 4, at the Santa Anita Race Track. “I don’t know who to thank and where to start,” Caleb Mukathe said after being crowned Prom King.

Dinorah Acuña, Writer

Prom marked the beginning of the end for the Downey High Senior Class of 2012, taking place at Sirona’s, in the Santa Anita Race Track, at 8 p.m. The long awaited event, with the theme of “When the Clock Strikes Twelve,” was both an outdoor and indoor event.

Inside contained a bar with refreshments and tables with a wide variety of desserts such as pastries and fruit salads. There were also photographers from Sanford Studios and caricature artist who drew cartoon versions of whom ever wanted a unique keepsake of the special night. When asked what could have made Prom even better, senior Imran Chowdry responded by saying:

“I was pretty bummed that there was no actual food served. That would have made Prom a lot better.”

For Prom, the main focus of the venue was the dance floor, which was located outside. It was surrounded by elegantly decorated trees with lights giving off a summer night feel to the event. The venue came to life as soon as the seniors and their dates began to arrive; soon enough Prom was well on its way.

As the Class of 2012 was dancing the night away, it came time to announce the Prom King and Queen. After the ballots were counted, Caleb Mukathe and Sol Ochoa were crowned King and Queen respectively.

“When I won, I thought ‘Wow, I have more friends than I could imagine,’” senior Caleb Mukathe said. “I felt totally humbled that people took the time to vote for me and I was super nervous because I had to slow dance for the first time in my life in front of everyone!”

The dancing continued with the DJ playing a wide variety of music throughout the evening. As it was getting closer for the clock to strike twelve the DJ played a couple of slow songs such as “Differences”  for the couples to enjoy their last slow dance together in high school.

“Prom was really fun and I didn’t want it to be over but all great things must come to an end sooner or later,” Hilda Ulloa ,12, said.

Prom came and went for the Senior Class of 2012 and when that clock struck twelve, it was a realization that high school was almost coming to a close.