Bringing the house down


At Open House on May 10 at Downey High, local dance groups perform on the rally stage in front of all the parents and students that attended the event. Local restaurants and clubs sold food and refreshments to the attendees between classes.

Marilyn Ramirez, Copy Editor/Co-Editor-in-Chief

Downey’s usual silent evening campus was filled with an abundance of new faces and inspired creativity as it presented its annual Open House, on May 10, at 6:00 pm. However, unlike their usual parent to teacher interaction, ASB took the opportunity to introduce potential freshman to the many clubs, programs, and events the school has to offer. Holding a short presentation for them and their parents, ASB spoke to students about the National Champion Dance Team, previous testing scores, and the advantages of attending a well-rounded school like Downey. Participants could then move to the gymnasium where the art department held a large display of student work, such as portraits, paintings, and ceramics.


“This show is really amazing! I hope I can be in art next year,” freshman Joe Diaz said.


During and after the orientation, the rally stage was home to multiple performers to entertain both parents and students as they went from classroom to classroom. Hula dancers from Polynesian Dance Studio in Whittier commenced the acts as they danced and sang popular music such as those by Jason Mraz. The school, in attempt in acquiring more music interest, had Percussion Assemble play intense beats that impressed many parents and students.


“The drum line is my favorite part of the band,” Jeannette Rodriguez said. “I hope a lot of the kids here realize how much work they put in and can get excited about it too.”


Viewers were enthralled by the performances and followed them by walking to the Quad, where Frantone’s pizza and Randy’s tacos were being sold. The Art Club also took a chance to fundraise by selling funnel cakes.


Besides the food and entertainment, however, Open House allowed parents to see what curriculum their sons and daughters would be taught. Many teachers ran Powerpoints to show parents what they offer their students; some went above and beyond that made their subjects stand out above others. Mr. Jamca and other members of the science department allowed parents to watch and partake in experiments.


“Science should be something to be excited about,” said Jamca. “We need more kids as engineers, chemists, and all that other science stuff!”


All in all, Open House proved to be a successful event.  With the many interested attendees, Downey High will surely see an abundance of new, fresh faces for the next school year.