Sealing the deal


As a new, incoming freshman at Cal Sate Long Beach, senior Candace Benitez is excited to know she is almost finished with high school. “ I was so happy when I got my acceptance letter for Long Beach,” Benitez said.

Jessica Xilo, Parents & Teachers Editor

As the May 1 deadline approaches, seniors are reviewing their college acceptances and making their final decision about what school they plan to attend during the fall.


After months of waiting for the letters in the mail, a final stress is still pending – commitment. Some students already know where they are going, but others are still debating whether one school may have more to offer than another.


Senior Jinan Mannaa has not committed to a school yet, but she has narrowed down her options.


“My final choice will be based on my major,” Mannaa said. “I got into UCLA as a Biology major, but I got into the nursing program at UCI.”



Deciding whether to accept or decline admission can be stressful, so some students usually plan to visit the campuses they are considering. Senior Brenda Garibay chose to visit UC Davis before making her decision.


“My biggest fear was not being successful in the UC system, but then I decided I better

go look at the college first. So I went to visit and I fell in love with the campus,” Garibay said. “As soon we got to Davis my mom actually bought her sweater and license plate.

When she did that it made me consider the school even more because it made my mom so happy.”


Some students are simply moving to a different part of California, but others have been accepted to private universities across the country. Senior Rebekah Jin will attend New York University this fall.


“I decided on NYU because of its unparalleled opportunities for internships and jobs in New York City. NYU is one of the most expensive colleges in the nation at a total cost of attendance of $62,000, but my cost is significantly reduced thanks to the generous financial aid package that I received,” Jin said. “I will definitely graduate with some debt in my name, but I think my education at NYU will be worth it in the end.”


Earlier this year, Jin visited New York for the first time while performing at Carnegie Hall.


“I had my first experience with falling snow and actually enjoyed the change in climate. I think I’ll be able to handle the cold weather, but it’ll take some time for me to adjust to the hectic city lifestyle,” Jin said. “It’s a challenge that I’m looking forward to.”


Students still have time to make up their minds, and regardless of the cost, college will be

an unforgettable experience. Whether it is a public or private university, all accepted applicants are a proud representation of what Downey has to offer.