Saving lives at the fall blood drive


To support The American Red Cross’ dedication to saving lives, Anissa Urtez, 11, donates blood, on Nov. 2, in the gym. As the American Red Cross Blood Drive came to an end, students who participated in this event by donating one pint of blood, made a difference for many people around the country.

Sergio Villegas, Writer

The students, staff and the American Red Cross all joined forces on Nov. 2 in the gym to gather blood and save lives at the annual Fall Blood Drive.  Students between ages sixteen and eighteen were allowed to give blood, although sixteen year olds needed parental consent to donate.  The gym was crowded with eager young adults excitedly waiting to give blood and save the lives of those in need.  With Downey High School being known for hosting one of the biggest blood drives in southern California, over 444 students raised a total of 380 pints of blood saving, 1140 lives.


“I think they did an excellent job.  There were many students here, but I wish there could have been more,” Dominic Mata a senior, said.


Justine Ayon organized ASB members and staff while they regulated the event.   Students were screened and proceeded to give blood. Volunteers from the American Red Cross waited patiently the entire day and received the blood from the selfless volunteers.  After the extraction, the donators were treated to free food and water to help replace sugar that was lost upon donation.


“I was here to help save lives.  I think it is good that we do this because we get to help people in need,” Valeria Valadez, 12, said.


This blood drive was the first of the year, and some, like newcomer Jesus Lizarraga, 12, wanted to give donate because this is their final year here at DHS.


“I wanted to give blood because this is my last year here.  It feels pretty good to save lives, and the event was very organized,” Lizarraga said.  “I was nervous because it was my first time giving blood, but the volunteers were funny and friendly.”


The organizers of this event look to the future with high hopes and greater expectations from this year’s turnout.  After countless hours of hard work, ASB, staff members, and the National American Red Cross alike revel after the lives they have saved.