Homecoming was not all fun and games for the Vikings


Swirling across the dance floor, Homecoming King and Queen Hadi Alshekh and Hayle Pena share a dance after being crowned, at the Embassy Suites Hotel, on Oct 29. This was the first time in history that Homecoming was hosted outside of the school.

Hanna Suarez & Norma Flores, Writers

It was a bittersweet Homecoming night for the varsity football team as Paramount defeated the Vikings with a 42-28 lead.  Both teams played hard during the first quarter but the Pirates took a 21 point lead by the second quarter. Jabari Ruffin scored a touchdown for Downey moments before the clock ended for half time leaving the score at a hopeful 21-7.


As the football players exited the field, the motorcyclists revved up their engines to escort the Homecoming princesses to the half-time show. The ASB students planned out a bachelor game show to reveal the Homecoming Queen. Commissioner of Pep and Spirit, Carla Rosales hosted the event with Amanda Guzman and the two asked all four homecoming princesses, and king Hadi Alshekh questions that led up to the crowing of the queen.


“The half-time show is always something to look forward to and this year it was even more exciting because we had our special guests,” Rosales said. “It was so great having the former King and Queen from 1956 come back, it shows how long the title lasts.”


The former royalties, John Hagar and Joan Sanders crowned the 2011 Queen, Hayley Pena, and the show came to an end.  With the game back in session, the Viking defense struggled to keep Paramount out of the end zone but the Pirates fought to the end and continued to score touchdowns until 0:02 of the fourth quarter. The Vikings still put in their best effort and scored three more touchdowns between the third and fourth quarter. Senior running back Alex Martinez scored two field goals and was a key player that night.


“I felt disappointed,” Martinez said, “We want to work harder, be more dedicated to football and make it to the playoffs.”


With more goals set for their future games, the team looks forward to the rest of the season so that they might have a chance to redeem themselves.


After the disappointing loss against the Paramount Pirates, the Homecoming dance, “Midnight Masquerade” on Saturday, October 29 at the Embassy Suites, was a way to shake it off.

Girls with cocktail dresses and boys in ties and dress shirts filled the lobby as they waited for the dance to begin. The hall was soon filled and the DJ was ready to begin the dance. It all kicked off with the song “Teach me how to Dougie”. Once the dance began there was no stopping it.

“ It was pretty good, but not enough seats,” senior Santiago Vega said.

There was different types of music, from hip hop to salsa. No one stopped moving, and the rhythm was kept throughout the whole night. Girls took their heels off in order to keep dancing. Track of time was quickly lost as all thought was in dancing.

The highlight of the night was when the Homecoming King Hadi Alshekh and Homecoming Queen Hayle Pena shared their dance.

“ I sincerely enjoyed being in a room with my friends and fellow classmates all having a good time,” Pena said.

It left the crowd mesmerized. After the king and queen had their dance, the rest of the Homecoming Court shared a dance as well.

Downey High made history by hosting the Homecoming Dance at the Embassy Suites instead of the Gym.

“ It was nice being with all my friends in a nice civilized place,” Venecia Gamboa, 11, said.

The night was soon coming to an end, but not before one final dance for all the couples. This homecoming will surely be remembered by all for the year that Downey High School made history.