11 memorable aspects of 2011

11 memorable aspects of 2011

From the traditional prom and Downey vs. Warren game to the new farm and first musical of Downey High, the school year of 2010 to 2011 has had many memorable moments. Included in the Top 11 Moments of the year is the new cafeteria, the Black-Light Assembly, the first Talent Show, Winter Formal and CIF wins.

As the school year comes to an end, students across campus begin to reminisce on the memorable moments that made 2011 unique.

11. Black-Light Assembly- Once the month of Feb. arrived, ASB began to prepare for the annual Black-Light Assembly. In order to add a different vibe, they based it on the remake of “Tron Legacy.”  Among the performances were the cheerleaders, the dance team, and the boys’ basketball players.

10. Little Shop- In efforts to change things up a bit, the drama department enacted their first musical production of the years, “Little Shop of Horrors.”   The austere play, based on a man-eating plant that ate its founders, proved to be a success by winning the admiration of both students and staff.

9. Cafeteria- After a long year of renovations, the newly made school cafeteria was opened to the student population.  Additions to the lunching area included new tables, flat-screen televisions, and a larger range of food for the students that craved a variety.

8. Talent Show- In efforts to raise money, the Downey Legend hosted its first talent show. Students from diverse backgrounds tried out in hopes of winning the grand prize: $100.  Second and third place received a $50 and $25 dollar gift card to a specific store.

7. Winter Formal- As Jan. 27 arrived, people of each grade prepared for the 2011 Winter Formal held at Knott’s Berry Farm.  With the “Arabian Nights” theme, the evening was filled with colorful dresses, roller coasters, and a theme park solely for the Downey kids.

6. Homecoming- After winning the football game against Warren High School on October 15, students flocked into the gym for Homecoming 2010. This year, the gym was filled with scenic decorations in accordance with the theme, “City Night Lights.”

“I know a lot of people like to dance in the dark, so the theme’s pretty good,” senior Maoie Fabon said. “The DJ is pretty great because he plays music that everyone can dance to.”

5. James Hetfield- Once the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony came around, Metallica Guitarist James Hetfield was recognized as a successful artist that attended Downey High School. Though he was let in through “special circumstances,” Hetfield’s photo was hung proudly as one of the latest additions to the many successful people that graduated from/attended DHS.

4. Farm- Among the many changes that occurred throughout the year, one of the most notable was the ever-growing garden behind the S-building. Instead of being vague and desolate, the area was instilled with plants and, though quite unexpected, farm animals, such as chickens, pigs, and miniature goats.

3. CIF Wins- One major aspect that set the year apart was the various CIF accomplishments that were achieved. From girls’ volleyball to boys’ wrestling, the sports department proved to be successful wherever it competed.

“We worked so hard the whole season to get to this moment and I’m just happy that we met our goal. CIF Champs for the first time in history!” volleyball Captain Breanna Alcantara said.

2. Downey vs. Warren Football- Prior to Homecoming, one of Downey’s most valued achievements took place when they beat the Bears at the football game, with a score of 42-23. The varsity team stepped it up for the game and showed that they are capable of anything if they set their minds to it.

1. Prom- As the most anticipated night of senior year, Prom 2011 came around with “Vintage Hollywood” as its theme. The night was filled with moments of grandeur due to the availability of food, rides, and a well-decorated dance floor.  After grasping every feature of the night, most students, if not all, were able to leave with their heads held high, metaphorically moving on to the next phase of their lives: college.

“Prom was such an amazing experience for me,” senior Jessika Garcia said. “Everything about it makes me wish I could relive the moment every year.”

Taking the above into consideration, the 2010-2011 school year offered both moments of change and of equivalence to past years.  The impact it made on the student population’s lives didn’t depend on the events themselves, rather on the extent in which they were embraced. To some, the year will be remembered as one of excitement, while for the rest, it may be an opportunity to move on to the years that follow.