Prom 2011: Vintage Hollywood


In the center of the dance floor, Kyle Lewis and Sandy Fernandez dance after their acceptance as Prom king and queen. The Vintage Hollywood themed Prom for the 2011 seniors was hosted at Universal Studios’ Globe Theater on May 13.

Girls in bright, sequined dresses and boys in black tuxedos streamed into the Global Theatre at Universal Studios on Friday, May 13, for a glamorous night of dining and dancing. Students dressed in classic attire to fit this year’s prom theme “Vintage Hollywood.”

After months of planning and purchasing decorations for the prom, the junior class officers’ hard work finally paid off.

“The junior class was working on the prom the whole year,” ASB Junior Class Vice President Kimberly Matamoros said. “Because we had times when we went to Universal [Studios], and we did questionnaires for music and what tablecloths we wanted. Prom ended up being really nice!”

Inside the Global Theatre, students were transported to a land of celebrity and romance. The black walls conveyed a feeling of elegance, and the giant, navy blue curtain at the front of the room that was dotted with little sparkles of light made students feel as if they were inside a fancy, high-society party. On the curtain, “Prom 2011” was spelled out in gold cursive. The room radiated the atmosphere of a glitzy Hollywood gala. On both the west and east walls, there was a screen that played an old black and white Hollywood movie.

“The decorations were beautiful!” senior Linsay Gonzalez said. “I felt like Marilyn Monroe. The room made me feel like I was at a fancy award show.”

The students feasted on a dinner consisting of white rice, buttery mashed potatoes, fried chicken, pasta, and salad. There was also an elaborate dessert stand that featured brightly colored miniature cakes and tarts. Students were given the option of dining inside at the theatre’s crimson-colored tables or at Universal Studios’s various outdoor eating areas.

The dance floor continually throbbed with the frenzied mass of dancing students. By the DJ, there were two TV screens that broadcasted a live feed of the dance floor. Students grooved excitedly with their dates to songs like Rihanna’s “S&M” and Chris Brown’s “Yeah 3x.” The DJ also gave a shout out to the dateless by playing Beyonce’s hit “Single Ladies.”

After three hours of dancing, the students were given a brief respite with the Prom Royalty announcements. The Queen nominees Stephanie Gonzalez, Jasmine Sanford, Jessica Michel, Stephanie Guzman, and Sandy Fernandez lined up on stage closely followed by the King nominees Kyle Lewis, Josh Marrero, Dami Adefeso, Jacob Barberena, and Steven Johnson. Then, Matamoros opened the results and crowned Kyle Lewis and Sandy Fernandez as Prom King and Queen.

“It was shocking [to win], and it was like a fairy tale,” Fernandez said. “Thank you for voting for me!”

The floor was then cleared for the customary slow dance, to which the rest of the students joined. Then, the pounding beats resumed. After another hour of partying, the last slow song came on. Couples swayed contentedly to “Time of Our Lives” by David Cook. Once the song ended, the students slowly streamed out of the theatre and back down the red carpet to their limos and party buses.

For the tired seniors, the most anticipated event of their high school career came to an end. The night was over too soon, and though the students reluctantly left Universal Studios with throbbing feet and mussed hair, they also walked away with unforgettable memories.