Boys v. Girls rally

Boys v. Girls rally

At the Boys Vs. Girls Assembly on April 11 in the gym, Khalil Shashati attempts to pop Stephanie Gonzalez’s balloon during one of the competitions. Due to the time limit of the event, neither competitor managed to defeat one another.

Students gathered in the gym on April 11 for the Girls vs. Boys Spring sports rally. The assembly featured the season’s featured sports and held fun filled competitions that would exemplify the winning gender.

ASB came up with the theme and decorations, which covered the walls of the stadium. Because this assembly is not known for its popularity, Lisa Guerrero and fellow ASB members had to make sure the event would excite the crowd. Throughout the festivities, the sports teams were introduced and a variety of competitions were organized.

” We came up with the competitions between the girls and boys and had fun decorating the gym,” Guerrero said.

During the first part of the assembly, the swim team, baseball team, and boys lacrosse team were introduced. The coaches, one by one, would have a pep talk and announce their team’s members. Part of the entertainment for the first interlude was the dance team who performed one of their choreographies. Also among the entertainment was the first competition of the day — a balancing contest. Issac Dan, Dallas Lopez, Vincent Reynolds, Katie Medina, Andrea Lomeli and Andrea Arellano were among the participants. Even though the girls put up a good fight, the boys won. The activities definitely stirred up the crowd.

” The assembly was fun, even though not many people showed up,” Vincent Quigg said.

Following, track and field, softball team, girls lacrosse, and girls swim were next up in the introductions. The preceding competitions included the guessing of songs, popping of balloons, and a match of rock paper scissors, which ultimately declared the boys as the winners.

“I really liked the competitions, even thought the girls should have won,” senior Deziree Diaz said.

Hoping this season ends the school year with a bang, spring sports have an exciting couple of months ahead of them.