Food warriors participate in eating competition

Food warriors participate in eating competition

The first annual Hot Dog Eating Contest took place on March 9 at lunch on the rally stage. The event kicked off with ASB announcer John Franco introducing the four contestants: Jonathen Nava, Robert Chism, Daniel Oveal, and Hadi Ashekh.
Jonathen Nava was pegged as the obvious winner from the start.

“No one can beat me, “ he said. “I’ll take on anyone.”

The senior football player has competed in multiple contests including the Downey Warren eating contest, Phillys Best eating contest, and the Dell Taco eating contest.
Nava was a clear choice as a contestant when senior Nicole Mujica put this event together.

“I heard about Jonathen Nava and his eating contests. I knew it would be entertaining for the school if he joined, “ Mujica said. “Finding other contestants to participate was the harder part.”

Nava provided a possible contestant when he notified Nicole Mujica that he would like to compete against Wrestling Champion Robert Chism.

“I think of Chism as my step brother.” Nava said.
Chism accepted the challenge.
“I love to eat, and I think I could be somewhat of a competition for Nava.” Chsim said.

The contestant started out with each competitor receiving a plate of five hot dogs to be switched out when finished. Senior Football player Daniel Oveal was disqualified after three hot dogs. Junior Basketball player Hadi Ashakh followed, leaving the competition after five hot dogs. The competition came down to Jonathen Nava and Robert Chism. Although Nava had an excessive lead, Chism was trying to hold his own.
The competition ended after the five-minute buzzer with Chism eating six hot dogs and Nava prevailing eating an astounding thirteen hot dogs. He was deemed the winner and named Downey High School Food Warrior.