Downey’s Best Dance Crew returns for a second year


The dance team’s most anticipated hosted event, Downey’s Best Dance Crew, made a second appearance on Friday, March 11 in the gym.  This annual event, demonstrated the natural talent of some of the school’s most appreciated dance sensations who competed in crews. Among the talent, So You Think You Can Dance contestant, Legacy also made an appearance.

Hosting the show, Sharlene Guzman introduced the event’s agenda for the night. There would be two rounds and three breaks. After each round, a fifteen-minute intermission allowed the audience to buy some refreshments and enjoy DJ Illmatik’s tunes.

“ I was excited to see the crews perform and show their talent,” senior dance member Zulema Calderon said.

During the first round, each crew demonstrated their own choreographed routine. First up, Vanity, composed of an all female group showed off their moves. Following, was TLA [Turtles of Los Angeles] and Street Geeks. After their performance, the featured judges gave their commentary of each dance.

Subsequent to the first round, was the intermission, where concessions were sold while the DJ played some mixes. During that time, the audience was given the opportunity to dance and enjoy the sold food.

“Our main priority was to give students the opportunity to display their talent, since there are not many dance-focused groups in school,” dance instructor Mrs.Patterson said.

After the first intermission, came the second round where the crews would perform the same choreography but for actual scores. Again, each crew exhibited their facility in front of the panel of judges.

Every performance was followed by a tremendous applause from the audience. Scores were given, and the winner was then announced. Only winning by three points, Vanity gained the prize of one hundred dollars. Second place receive fifty and third place received twenty-five.

“When Vanity and TLA were the last two groups, everyone in my group was really nervous,” winner Xiomara Vidrio said. “When they announced the winner, I shed a tear because I was really excited.”

Downey’s Best Dance Crew gained much recognition after Friday’s set of events. This year will be hard to top.