The Tronified black light assembly

The Tronified black light assembly

During the annual Black Light Assembly held at the gymnasium, the dance team performs to the theme song of Tron: Legacy. The assembly was one of the most anticipated events of the year on Feb. 10.

Julia Ruiz, Sports Editor

The crowd roared as the lights turned off on Feb. 10 for the annual Black Light Assembly. In complete darkness, the gym became a part of Tron Legacy’s world with lights scattered throughout the floor, glow-in-the-dark balloons, and glow sticks in the audience’s hand.

The assembly began with a performance from JV and varsity cheerleaders, who started off the show on a high note. The presentation of the girls basketball team then proceeded. As each player was introduced, they all took a shot toward the basket showing their talent to the student body. The dance team then took the stage for a futuristic performance. Their dark costumes were outlined with green glow sticks, emphasizing their every move.

“The dance performance was pretty fun,” junior Gerard Padilla said, “I liked how they had their costumes resemble the movie Tron.”

The show progressed with the introduction of the boys basketball team, which was similar to that of the girls. Each player took their shot towards the basket, some succeeding while others failing to score, yet they were all encouraged by their fellow Vikes. A performance from drumline and Royal Dynasty ended the show and raised the students off their seats as the upbeat music and rhythm lead the way.

“The energy towards the end was awesome,” junior Jesus Pelayo said, “especially when drumline was performing.”

With a full house present, the students provided a fanatical atmosphere; yet there are always many risks involved with having a large crowd.

“I think having a big crowd is good in some ways but also very bad because it is hard to control the kids,” ASB Commissioner of Pep and Spirit Lisa Guerrero said, “it’s harder [with this assembly] because we have the black lights near the stands making it very easy for a student to break one.”

Throughout the pep rally ASB worked hard in order to provide an entertaining assembly while making sure students were comfortable and enjoying the show.