Eco club and Pittinger plant for the planet


Members of Eco club along with the botany teacher, Mr. Pittenger work together to stir compos and soil together on Jan. 19. The team came together to planet trees between the X and E bildings.

The devoted tree-huggers of Eco Club gathered at the garden after school to plant trees and tend to crops in their latest “green” project on Wednesday, Jan 5.

The club’s weekly Wednesday meeting proceeded as usual; the club’s agenda was discussed and fundraising ideas were pitched. A handful of students then proceeded to file out of the classroom and trek to the newly created school garden located behind the tennis courts. Eco Club, committed to the pursuit of purifying the planet, has partnered with resident Botany teacher Mr. Pittinger to help tend the small patch.

“We’re basically shoveling and planting in holes, and then Mr. Pittinger explains how to grow and the costs and processes in which to grow,” President Jon Guzman said about the club’s newest endeavor.

For roughly an hour each week, Guzman and five other volunteers work alongside Mr. Pittinger in the small plot of land and help raise the number of crops and trees.

The members must carefully tend to the plants, as much of the growth consists of fragile saplings that easily wither and break. The garden has already successfully sprouted oranges, lemons, and avocados at the group’s nurturing hands.

“It’s great because we can plant trees, and there’s more oxygen,” sophomore Yurguen Gonzalez said. “Then there’s less seagulls that can poop on us, and [the school] looks better.”

The group partakes in other noteworthy environmental endeavors. Eco Club is solely responsible for the collection and disposal of classroom recyclables. The members are also currently planning both a Save the Bees project and an organic foods bake sale.

“Eco Club is about volunteering… volunteering, student activities, and having fun,” Historian Christina Gibbs said.

With its weekly commitment to wholesome gardening and daily commitment to living a “greener” lifestyle, Eco Club is slowly but surely making their school and their world a better place to live.