Even staff can beat Warren


During the faculty basketball game on Wednesday, November 17 at Warren High, Mr. Hobbs leaps up to make a basket. For the second year in a row, the Downey faculty won with a final score of 43 to 56.

Wendy Mora, Staff Writer

The second annual Faculty Basketball game took place at Warren High School on November 17, and the Vikings were victorious with a final score of 56-43. The DHS team consisted of several teachers and staff members including Mr. Crowe, Mr. Hobbs, Mr. Harris, Mr. Walker, Mr. Karzen, Mrs. Foley, Miss Crystal Urzua, Mr. Peterson, Mr. De La Torre, Barry Baldwin, and Steven Judy who all contributed throughout the entire game. Their coach for the evening was the girl’s freshman basketball coach, Mr. Guier. It took a lot of team effort and good-man-to-man defense, but it was all worth it when the Vikings ended the game and were the champs.

“I feel pretty confident about this game,” Coach Guier said. “ I believe it’s a great time to build relationships between the staff at Warren and Downey. It’ll be a good game!”

It all began when the DJ played one of Michael Jackson’s hit single “Smooth Criminal”. The tunes encouraged the crowd to cheer louder while the players warmed up with some lay up lines and a few jump shots. A couple of minutes into the game, Mr. De La Torre pleases the Vikings by making the first shot of the night. The determination of each player was evident as they pushed and attacked the basket. At every turnover the team would sprint across the court and get in position to guard and protect the ball while doing everything possible to prevent Warren from making a shot. Vikes finished the first quarter 15-14, gaining the lead by 1 point.

“Even as a teacher there is still rivalry between the schools!” Mr. Karzen said, “Beating Warren is still beating Warren, is still beating Warren! We love beating those bears!”

Mr. Karzen began the second quarter with 2 points, which increased the Vikings winning score. The teams were neck to neck and alternated making baskets at every turnover, but the Vikings held the lead, finishing the quarter 26-20. Returning from half time, Warren’s defense was intense, but Downey held there head up high, never gave up, and pushed even harder.

“I think this gives students a chance to see us as actual humans playing a basketball game,” Mr. Walker said, “We are one hundred percent determined to win tonight.”

Warren came close in the last quarter and was only five points away from the win. Vikes go all-out to make every possible shot on contact leading to their victory. Cheerleaders cheered loudly after the winning game for the Vikings. The staff and faculty proved that working together and being determined could win the game.