Blood Drive

Blood Drive

An American Red Cross worker pumps the blood from a student’s arm in the gym at the annual fall blood drive on Nov. 3. The blood drive lasted all day as students donated their blood to save the lives of three people in need of blood transfusions.

Julia Ruiz, Sports Editor

Vikings swarmed into the gym on Nov. 3 to donate blood for the 2010 Fall Blood Drive sponsored by the American Red Cross. The gym transformed from an athletic court into a blood bank as black stretchers covered the floor, volunteers assisted donors throughout the room, and students walked with red arm bands and shirts that read “Life Saver.”

Although needles and blood were handled in a room with hundreds of people, all supplies were professionally handled and sterilized, and students remained clam as they talked with friends, listened to music, and had a good sense of pride for supporting such an important cause.

“Even though the wait might have been long and the process a bit painful, I feel good knowing that I have made a difference in a person’s life simply by laying down and giving blood,” junior Samantha Kang said.

Anxious first-timers and returning donors patiently waited for up to two hours to donate blood. Although many gave blood because it is appreciated and help save lives, others had a more personal reason as to why they donated.

“My father has aids and I see how much those that are ill really need blood and I just want to help,” senior Michael Judd said.

According to past records, Downey High is known for its accomplishments in the Blood Drive raising up to 560 pints in the past. This year’s Fall Blood Drive successfully raised 385 pints of blood, just a few shy of the 400-pint goal.

“Since we donated 385 pints, that means we saved 1,155 lives. That’s 1,155 lives that Downey students and staff were able to affect, so I think Downey did a great job,” ASB Commissioner of Human Relations Sara Paik said.

Throughout the years, students and faculty have saved millions of lives through their donations. The 2010 Fall Blood Drive proved just how generous Vikings truly are and how everyday people can easily make an impact in someone’s life.