Homecoming 2010: City Night Lights


At the Homecoming dance which was held on October 15 in the gym, the king and queen, Vincent Reynolds and Nicole Sanchez share a dance. The Homecoming dance, themed “City Night Lights” began right after the game and lasted until midnight.

Sharon Kim

On October 15, students flocked into the gym after a victorious football game against Gahr for the “City Night Lights” homecoming dance.

The week prior to the dance, both students and ASB worried about the minimal attendance of the dance, as only 90 tickets were sold up to that point. In attempts to gain admittance, the school changed attire from semi-formal to casual. ASB wanted the students to be comfortable after the long football game, however much of the student body seemed to disagree with their decision.

“I think it’s a bad idea because it takes away the whole homecoming theme. People think, oh, homecoming, formal,” homecoming prince Brian Estrada said.

At first, the students’ concerns proved right as the dance floor was nearly empty, with only a few people dancing to the pulsating music. As the evening progressed, more and more students entered the gym and ASB’s countless hours of preparation paid off. Students amassed in the center of the gym, dancing freely to ever-popular songs like “Warp” by The Bloody Beetroots and “Shots” by LMFAO. The black lights, glow-in-the-dark paint, and neon-colored balloons gave an energized feel to the gym, and those who wanted to rest their feet could sit at white-clothed tables with bright, swirled lamps that lit the far corners of the gym.

“I think it’s pretty good, cause it’s in the dark, and I like to dance in the dark. I know a lot of people like to dance in the dark too, so the theme’s pretty good. I think the DJ is pretty great because he plays music that everyone can dance to,” senior Maoie Fabon said.

Whatever doubts the student body had about the dance, the fun theme, stimulating decorations, and pumping music made it hard for everyone to stay away.

“I’m enjoying it so much. I’m having so much fun!” senior Mariah Dover said, animatedly hopping up and down with a group of her friends.

The school’s dynamic rapping duo Royal Dynasty even made a surprise appearance and performed a new song called “Life of the Party.” By the end of the dance at midnight, students had thoroughly enjoyed and exhausted themselves, even amidst all of the doubt that surrounded the event. Hopefully, December’s upcoming Winter Formal can match the thrill of the “City Night Lights.”