New Cafeteria

Brandon Pineda

After months of avoiding construction and frustration, the new cafeteria is now open to the student body to sit and enjoy lunch. Students have been awaiting the new cafeteria after months of anticipation. New renovations have been added to the new establishment. There are now booths and tables where students can enjoy their food comfortably. There are also television screens to keep them entertained as they eat. Senior Riza Karnadi fancies the new accommodations.

“I absolutely love it! It should be the example of other high school cafeterias,” Karnadi said. The improved cafeteria has proven to be successful even in its early stages. Ten minutes after lunch begins, seats are not available. Food lines are overwhelmingly full of hungry students. In addition, many different students simply come to enjoy the atmosphere of the new cafeteria. The student body ranges from football players to band members in the cafeteria. Senior Mariah Dover is a frequent guest at the new establishment.

“I find it very interesting. It brings some sort of attraction to it that all types of people could enjoy.” Dover said. One thing the new cafeteria does is add a new twist in selecting your food options. Unlike an ordinary lunch line, it has the same lunch lines with new signs and indication of what the students will eat. A pizza line and a fiesta line are among the food selections.

“I find that the new cafeteria is better than the mall,” Attaley Hernandez said, “there is a much better atmosphere and it has a much more modern feel to it.” The new addition provides a more modern ambiance on dining and feels more relatable than the cafeteria that the students once knew.

“The old cafeteria was too outdated,” Dover said, “in the old cafeteria, I felt like it was an 80’s sitcom or an old school lunch line. Now it feels like 2010 and it looks like the future.”

With its seven television sets and comfortable chairs and booths, the new cafeteria will now be an attraction to most of the students for upcoming years.