Latin dance opening debut

Cassandra Meuret

A taste of Spanish culture hit the school theatre for the first time as the Latin Dance Club performed on April 22 with a mixture of original choreographed dances taught by Mrs. Fitzl.

Masks were used as props along side the fans to bring back the history of Latin culture. This was explained in a Power Point before the performance began how masks and fans where used in dances. Not only was this performance educational but also entertaining to the audience. To much of the audience’s pleasure, dances ranged from solo belly-dancers to tangoing couples. Each piece was an expression of the dancer and some even contained a secret language hidden within. The language of the fan was used in many of the dances to portray whether a female dancer was single, married, or engaged.

“ I loved the show. It made me want to join the club and learn how to dance. I thought the language of the fan was so interesting and great how they incorporated it into their dances,” junior Madonna Tadros said.

Although the performance was primarily based on the Latin culture, many genres of music mixed with complimentary dance moves were incorporated into the choreography.

“We wanted to throw in a little twist here and there to keep the audience intrigued and on their toes,” dancer Madelyn Zapata said.

By the way the audience responded to the performances, it is safe to say that they were not only intrigued but also impressed. This performance gave a name to the Latin Dance Club and brought recognition to their hard work and unique practices. The club consists of dancing as well as a history of past Latin cultures taught only in the Spanish speaking language. This is an opportunity for students who like to dance and want to gain a third year foreign language credit.

“Dancing is a big part of my life and this club allows me to do what I love alongside helping me with my school credits. You can’t go wrong if school and dancing is something that is important to you,” senior Jonathan Lara said.

Though this is the club’s first year of performing it made a lasting impression on many of the students and faculty. Latin club will continue to give other students an opportunity to become apart of a cultural based group that can open the door to a whole new world.