A new era of leadership

John Franco

During the week of April 12, students and ASB candidates were anxious to find out who won the elections for the ASB board and as the winners were announced during second period it was revealed that the winning cabinet included ASB President Kristin Maranan, Vice-President Josh Kim, Treasurer Rebekah Jin, and Secretary Ting Chow.

“I’m so glad that I’m part of the ASB board,” ASB Senior Class Vice-President elect, Phil Kong said. “It gives me the chance to show my leadership.”

Class officers included Riza Karnadi and Phil Kong for the Class of 2011, David Hamilton and Kimberly Matamoros for the Class of 2012, and Justine Ayon and Daisy Castellanos for the class of 2013.

The election process was tough and all the candidates worked night and day making posters, shirts, and tattoos hoping to have voters sway in their favor.

The candidates had 2 weeks to campaign and prepare for the election process; they were all hoping to win their desired title.

“It was tough and it was a challenge,” Senior Class President elect Riza Karnadi said. “I made posters and shirts in hopes of convincing voters.”

The election process consisted of 12 students running for class presidencies.

“I wanted the opportunity to lead in ASB,” Senior president candidate Wendy Casillas said.

During the week of March 29, students had the chance to vote for their desired candidates. Many said that this was the toughest election process they have seen because many people were running for ASB president. Being that the numbers were large the candidates had to campaign diligently.

“I believe that all the candidates were great,” Alex Mochizuki said. “They had great platforms, and they had strong goals for next year.”

The 2010-2011 ASB elected board said the election was tough and worth it. They now all have one goal in mind: to exhibit a new era of leadership in ASB once again.