Dance dance revolution

Wendy Mora

Downey’s dance team introduced to us the first ever Downey’s Best Dance Crew competiotion, on March 11, at the gym. This event is to invlove current students and allowed former students who love and appreciate dance to show the school some moves of their own. The atmosphere before the show was very energetic as the music was blasting and the audience sang along. As an, opening act, the dance team preformed their routine called “Work” and excited the crowd for the first competing crew.

The Innovators competed first while HSF was up next, followed by FSU. Each crew performed twice; once for the students and the second for the judges who get to decide the first ever D.B.D.C. winner. The Innovators claimed that they were feeling a mixture of anxiety, and excitement. Their dance was well choreographed, and the judges couldn’t complain, but they argued against the time structure.

Senior Yesenia Gonzalez from the Innovators said “I feel very anticipated and excited, but nervous. I really hope we do well. We practiced a lot.”

Aside from the three crews competing there were performances from other students, as well as the competition included a guest performer seven-year-old Henry Salazar dancing to “Smooth Criminal” by Michael Jackson. Also, the event featured a Latin group dancing to salsa. Plus the final performance of another Latin group, with a mixture of salsa and hip hop. When HSF took the stage and the techno, rave-like music consumed the gym, the crowd roared in excitement. As the crew of three began to shuffle in a dance called “Jumpstyle” the audience cheered for their energetic moves.

“I just love to dance. It makes me feel good,” said junior Christian Lee, “I like to hang out with my friends who too share the same passion as I.”

Finally FSU performed while half the crew was missing. David Andrade and Robert Chism’s music was also techno, but their dancing included much more shuffling, break dancing, and a few robotic moves. Luckily, they had another chance to actually perform for the judges.

Junior David Andrade from FSU says, “Our energy was crazy! But my crew wasn’t there and that was a bit of a let down.”

While the judges were adding up the score the D.J, Traci Bunn, put on the “Cha Cha Slide” to get the audience much more involve an dance along to this well known and loved 80s favorite. After the break the judges: Sarah Lopez, Charlene Guzman, Mr. DeLaTorre, and Jasmine Tovar added the points for the final results to Downey’s Best Dance Crew. With FSU in 3rd, HSF in 2nd, and the Innovators in 1st with the first ever title of a Downey’s Best Dance Crew winner.