5 Questions with Maria Del Valle

Esmeralda Martinez, Copy Editor

Downey High School senior, Maria Del Valle, reveals that her continuous appreciation for Pokémon began at the age of 6 after her older brother introduced it to her.


  • How has Pokémon positively impacted your life?

A1. “Pokémon helped me keep away from the negative distractions around me. It probably brought me closer to my brother since I was the only one who liked it.”


  • I understand you moved from Riverside to Downey, did Pokémon ease the transition for you?

A2. “I’ve literally loved Pokémon since forever, so when I moved I just had it with me. With my games and my case, it just made it feel more at home within my new home, if that makes sense.”


  • Because of your appreciation for Pokémon, was it difficult or easy to connect with students?

A3. “It was really difficult because everyone here is not into that stuff. They’re all mature and grown up and I’m just like ‘Oh no, I still play Pokémon’, so it was kind of hard.”


  • What do you enjoy most about Pokémon? What is so special about it?

A4. “I like the games, especially the new games. I love the old shows better because the new shows aren’t that good. It’s just fun.”


  • Who’s your favorite character and why?

A5. “ I like Superiors, the grass type Pokémon. It just looks so sassy; it’s just like me. “