5 Questions with Michael Ramirez

Darla Sanchez, Student Life Section Editor


Junior Michael Ramirez elaborates on why he wants to be a senior class president.

Q1. What is your motive on becoming a Senior Class President?

A1. I wanted to take the challenge of taking on such a big responsibility especially for ASB because it’s something I like to do.

Q2. If you were to get the position, what are some of your goals?

A2. Some of my goals are to top the previous years to try to raise more money, do better events, make my class the best graduating class that Downey has seen whether it be raising money or planning more events to get the seniors involved.

Q3. What were you in charge of last year?

A3. I was in charge of planning the spirit week and planning all the three rallys of the years so that is: fall sports rally, black light rally, spring sports rally planning and organizing all that.

Q4. Why do you have so much school spirit?

A4. I really like getting involved in school and getting excited about it because, the feeling of belonging to something and belonging to the Viking family means a lot.

Q5. Do you think you would be able to manage being a senior and being a class president?

A5. Definitely. I know how to put my priorities in place and I know what to get done and when to get it done.