5 Questions with Mrs. Neria

Akhila Nallamilli, Staff Writer

11th grade history teacher, Mrs. Neria, tells the ‘history’ of her antiques: the globe, podium, and desk.


Q1: When did you become interested in collecting antiques? Why?

A1: I became interested after college. I was a history major and the history I learned came alive with the furniture I collected.

Q2: Where did you get the globe, the desks and the podium?

A2: [The] globe (1908) and the podium (1994) were in my room when I started teaching at Downey 26 years ago. The desk (1880) is my daughter’s and my friend gave it to her as a gift.

Q3. What is the significance of your antiques?

A3: The antiques I have at home are American Turn of the Century pieces. American antiques are expensive, so when one of my friends received an offer to acquire some items for a lower price, I didn’t hesitate to buy them.

Q4: Do you have any particular antiques that you’re interested in owning?

A4: Antiques I would like to own would be jewelry of the 1920s. At the moment I cannot afford to buy antiques but perhaps in the future!

Q5: What are your thoughts on the specialty of antiques?

A5: I think the qualities of antiques are much better than the standard modern items that we see today.