5 Questions with Selina Partida


Gabriela Guzman

Outside the drum room on Jan. 13, freshman Selina Partida gets ready for the winter drumline season that starts this February. “I’m really excited about this new season,” Partida said, “especially since this is my freshmen year and not many people experience a winter season since its not annually.”

Celine Spence, Public Relations

Freshman Selina Partida shares what it is like being the only freshman in bassline.


Q1: What is the most difficult part of being the only freshman in the bassline?


A1. I think the most difficult part of being the only freshman in bassline is getting comfortable. Everyone else knew what they were doing and they all knew each other.


Q2: Were you intimidated by the returning members and upperclassmen?


A2. Sometimes I would be intimidated by the upperclassmen because I would make a lot of mistakes and I know how frustrating it can be for other people.


Q3: Did you feel like you needed to live up to certain expectations?


A3. I did feel like I needed to get up to their level so I could keep up with the rest of the bassline.


Q4: What is it you love most about being a part of the bassline?


A4. What I love the most about being apart of the bassline is putting all of our parts together. When you finish a whole page of music it sounds special because it’s 5 different drums playing different things; it’s really cool.


Q5: Was it hard to learn all of these new things because you are a freshman?


A5. It was hard because I had to learn technique and how to “do things right,” but it was a great learning experience.