Five Questions with Dulce Gutierrez

April 9, 2014

Sophomore Dulce Gutierrez talks about her involvement with Polynesian dancing and how it has impacted her life.

Q1: Why did you want to begin Polynesian dancing?

A1: My mom put me in it when I was really young, and I thought it would be something new and an exciting dance to try.

Q2: How has it impacted your life?

A2: It’s made me a social person, because it taught me how to make friends in any situation and that there are people out there that can become sort of like your family. It helps me focus on any other activity that I do like Cheer or my school work.

Q3: Why have you stuck with it for so long?

A3: I practice two times a week, and I just really like being around the people I dance with. I’m really close to all the girls I practice and compete with; they’re like family to me. My coach is like my second mom, so it’s always fun going to a practice or a performance.

Q4: What has been your favorite performance so far?

A4: My favorite performance was performing for the kids with special needs because they just get so excited seeing me dance and it really warms my heart.

Q5: Do you see this as more of a hobby or as a possible career choice?

A5: It is more of a hobby for me right now but, in the future, I want to start my own dance studio for Polynesian dancers.

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