Five Questions with Mr. and Ms. Fuenmayor

Mia Dixon-Slaughter, Co-Editor-in-Cheif

Mr. and Ms. Fuenmayor are father and daughter and both currently teaching at Downey High School. Ms. Cassie Fuenmayor is currently a substitute, for Ms. Kasner, who majored in English in college, and her father is an American history teacher.


Q1: Do you like working together?

A1: [Ms. Fuenmayor]: Yeah, it’s great, I really enjoy it.

[Mr. Fuenmayor]: Yeah, it’s nice having her around more.


Q2: Has your new position allowed you to spend more time together?

A2: [Ms. Fuenmayor]: Sometimes we spend lunch or snack together. We see each other around a lot more.

[Mr. Fuenmayor]: We see each other around but we both have work


Q3: Is it a coincidence that you two are working together or did you plan to work in the same district?

A3: [Ms. Fuenmayor]: We didn’t plan it necessarily, it’s just something that happened.

[Mr. Fuenmayor]: Well, people knew her because she went to school here and Mr. Houts really liked her and decided it’d be nice for her to work here.


Q4: Did you always want to be a teacher or did your dad influence your decision on your career?

A4: [Ms. Fuenmayor]: Both my parents have been really influential, watching them and how happy they are when they teach.


Q5: Does being in the same district strengthen your father-daughter relationship?

A5: [Ms. Fuenmayor]: Well, in some ways, but we don’t bond much here because we’re both working.

[Mr. Fuenmayor]: I don’t think it has that much of an effect on our father-daughter relationship.