Five Questions with Parisa Geshti

Mia Dixon-Slaughter, Co-Editor-in-Cheif

Parisa Geshti, a senior who has been dancing for fifteen years, joined the Miss Downey pageant because of her enjoyment of entertaining audiences.


Q1: When did you start dancing?

A1: I started dancing when I was three because it was something I liked to do for fun. It just sort of interested me when I first started.


Q2: Do you practice professionally and/or freelance?

A2: I am currently with Alecki International Dance Company. I travel around with them and we do competitions or recitals and it’s a lot of fun. I’ve been to different cities like Tennessee, New York, Miami and places like that.


Q3: Why did you join the pageant?

A3: The pageant started because my sister wanted to do it and I thought it looked pretty fun so then I joined it. It’s kind of a tradition in my family where every girl would do it, type of thing.


Q4: How long have you been doing the pageant?

A4: The last time I did it, I was three and I won the competition. I didn’t do it any other time after that because I was dancing. So when I heard about it again this year, I thought that it wouldn’t hurt to give the competition another shot.


Q5: What is your favorite part or aspect of the pageant?

A5: I would have to say the sportswear event because I get to go up in a full dancing costume, with the complete set up hair and make up, and that’s when I’m most comfortable because I’m just used to it.