Five Questions with Nayeli Quintero

Rodas Hailu, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Freshman Nayeli Quintero sells cookies in an assortment of flavors, such as chocolate chip with Nutella and Oreo.


Q1: How did you start off baking cookies?

A1: My neighbor, Gracia Almanza, taught me how to bake or she was showing me how to bake, and that inspired me to keep on baking.


Q2: Why do you like to bake cookies?

A2: I like baking cookies because they’re really enjoyable to make; it’s really fun and entertaining, and at the same time, I like that I have a fun hobby. It’s not a bother to me, and I’m getting money for it, which is a cool experience. I never though that this could happen. It’s not as time consuming. For a fifteenth, people have now requested me to make cookies. A girl wants 150 fondant cookies; those I don’t make everyday, I make them only as requested. The fact that she asked me to make them, I felt honored. A lot of people tell me to go professionally with it, but I think I would rather this would be a hobby, so I don’t lose the love for it.


Q3: Where do you sell your cookies, and to whom?

A3: I sell them to all my classes. I take the cookies daily. They [students] order them. I bring about 10 to 15 cookies everyday. If they finish, then I ask them “How many do you want?” I take their order. I write them down if I don’t have enough cookies for the day. The next day I bring their cookies


Q4: What do people think of your cookies?

A4: They really like them. A lot of people say that they are really delicious. They say that they are addicting. I just put Oreos, or Nutella, or Reeses in the cookie dough.


Q5: Why do you think your cookies are so successful?

A5: I think it’s because there are two popular flavors: the Oreo and the chocolate chip. I mix them in. A lot of people like Nutella, so I decided to put in it, and I’m like, “Hey, it works.”