Five Questions with Chris Chang

Joey Flores, News Editor

Breakdancing has been a passion of junior Chris Chang’s ever since he first became interested in it during February of 2012. When he started dancing, he spoke to math teacher Jose De La Torre, and has since developed a friendship with him.


Q1: When did you first start breakdancing?

A1: I first started breakdancing in March of last year after a few of my friends and I heard about a class that was given by the dance crew Quest. I just enjoy doing it because I think it’s fun.

Q2: How often do you practice your breakdancing?

A2: I practice at least three times a week for two hours and once a week for private     lessons from Quest. They were on America’s Best Dance Crew, and I don’t know when but they just started giving lessons.


Q3: Why did you start dancing with Mr. De La Torre?

A3: He wasn’t the main reason why I started, but he does know how to do it really well. He gave me some good pointers and a few tips, so it’s great that he helped me.

Q4: Does dancing with Mr. D build a better rapport with him?

A4: Yeah because spending time outside of school with someone like a teacher is just different. It’s something that people aren’t used to. It’s cool that I’m still learning in the process.


Q5: Would you like to pursue a future in breakdance?

A5: Yeah, like I’d want to join like a dance crew or something when I’m older. It seems like it’d be fun to compete in a big group like the ones that you see.