Five Questions with the yearbook twins, Gabriela and Cristina Martinez


Q:   Before joining Yearbook, did it ever cross your minds that one day you two would be leading this publication together?


A (Gaby):   It never crossed my mind that my sister and I would ever be running a publication. However, I am extremely proud and blessed to run Yearbook with my sister; we get the job done and we do it right.


A (Cristy):   We both knew we wanted to be in Yearbook, but we never thought we would be editorial board


Q:   What are the perks of having each other in Yearbook?


A (Gaby):   Whenever I need someone to talk all my stress out with, she’s there for me and understands me perfectly. I wouldn’t be able to do that with any other staff member.


A (Cristy):   For me, even though we are sisters, it does not actually seem like it, because we are very serious about our jobs and we act professionally.


Q:   Gaby, is Journalism something that you want to pursue in the future?


A (Gaby):   Even though I absolutely loved being a writer for the last couple of years with the yearbook staff, and I love everything that is done in yearbook, I will not be majoring in Journalism. Nonetheless, I am considering Journalism as my minor.


Q:   Cristy, do your future goals include photography?


A (Cristy):   Yes, I actually want to major in fashion. My goal is to have my own clothing store and have my own photos of models in it.


Q:   If having each other in Yearbook has advantages, what would be the worst part about having each other in the same class?


A (Gaby):   The one thing I don’t like about having my sister in a class, and it’s not her fault, would have to be people mixing up our names and confusing who is who. If there’s one thing I don’t like, and it’s not always the other person’s fault, is having someone call me by a name that is not mine.


A (Cristy):   The worst part for me would have to be not always enjoying my time there with her.