Bill Wurtz Takes Online Creators by Storm

Jasmine Fernandez, Editor-In-Chief

With YouTube’s creative populace skyrocketing in recent years, it’s no surprise that audiences are unearthing hidden gems from the platform’s woodworks. Among these gems lies Bill Wurtz, the creator accredited with nearly 400 videos including history of japan and history of the entire world, i guess. Recently, however, Wurtz released outside, a music video that follows his formula of retro, surreal graphics paired with catchy tunes. Despite the seeming simplicity of his work, it has attracted an audience of over 1.8 million. In fact, Wurtz may be one of the most genius creators in the game.


From the beginning of his rise to YouTube-stardom in 2016, his audience heralded him for creating unique content that refuses to rely on outside trends. Wurtz’s creations rely almost exclusively on their own abstract style. For example, while history of japan and history of the entire world, i guess carry the otherwise mundane purpose of relaying history, their nostalgic graphics, witty commentary, and pesky catchiness appeal to the masses in ways a traditional vlogger does not.


Ever since the conception of Wurtz’s YouTube channel in 2008, his videos have remained bizarrely addictive, and it does not seem like that style will change any time soon. This theme also carries into his Twitter and Instagram accounts; Wurtz’s tweets are known for being strange, if not borderline disturbing. Meanwhile, on Instagram, he posts previews of upcoming projects, often with no captions at all. If anything, this bolsters my appreciation for everything he does. There’s a sense of authenticity in his work that I don’t see in most of today’s vlogger community—Wurtz is unabashedly his own and refuses to adjust his style to the more mainstream media that shares his platform. He has effectively created a niche similar to videos such as Jason Windsor’s The End of the World (2003), though I believe the consistency of his work sets him apart from similar creators.


To find Bill Wurtz, follow his Instagram at @notbillwurtz, Twitter at @billwurtz, or YouTube at