Challenging the Odds

Ajla Nasic , Social Media Manager

On March 8, a statue titled Fearless Girl captivated the natives of New York and tourists alike after it was placed off Wall Street in front of the renowned statue, Charging Bull. The resilient portrayal of a young girl has garnered a massive amount of both positive and negative attention in regards to the subjective message the figure sends out to society.


Created by artist Kristen Visbal, “Fearless Girl” has been renowned as a symbol for female leadership, especially since it is placed in midst of one of the business capitals of the world. The purpose of the statue is to commentate on the lack of female leaders in big businesses, empowering women to challenge the odds.


Originally, the acclaimed statue was set to be placed in Manhattan for a week; however, the widespread attraction the figure has garnered through its hopeful message resulted in its permit to be extended to March of 2018. As of recently, a petition on calling for the statue to remain in its place permanently has collected 30,000 signatures.


While the statue has received overwhelming acclaim, it has also been criticized as a means of propaganda, considering the current polarizing political climate. The majority have praised the statue and the positivity coupled with it. However, a significant amount of people have denounced the statue and claim it bolsters a false narrative in regards to gender inequality in modern American society.


While the criticism of the symbol is indeed present, women who are fond of the message behind the statue are rallying behind in support of the positive symbol. Encouraging and uplifting, “Fearless Girl” inspires young women across the stratosphere to defy traditionalism. Its message shouldn’t be denounced, but praised for boosting the self esteem of many who are discouraged to delve into the male-dominated world of business.

Despite the figure’s controversy, the underlying message invokes a sense of hope within many women. The empowering aspects of the figure, reminding women they are capable of accomplishing anything despite obstacles, stump its criticisms. Despite polarizing beliefs emerging as a result of its placement, “Fearless Girl” exudes individuality and strength, qualities we should all admire.