New York Fashion Week

Fatima Rosas, Managing Editor

Throughout history, the world has seen many innovations captivate the eyes of the public, but one thing that has managed to continuously stand out is fashion. The fashion industry keeps us all in awestruck by bringing new pieces and patterns seasonally, however, each designer masters adding or bringing back any style in an eccentric manner. Annually the city of dreams steals the headlights with New York Fashion Week, the most anticipated event of the year by every fashionista enthusiast. This year the week long show covers Thursday Feb. 11, through Thursday Feb. 18.


The annual phenomenon produces of million dollars, and over 180,000 jobs in the industry, according to New York’s congresswoman, Carolyn B. Maloney.


“Fashion is so much more than style; it is big business by creating a vast array of good paying jobs,” Maloney said. “Fashion is one of the largest industries in the city producing $187 million in economic activity. Approximately 180,000 people are employed in the fashion industry in primarily good middle-class jobs,” Maloney said to


So, this year I have set my myself the task of keeping up and covering the week long fashion show, with the most anticipated clothing lines, in order to see what was all the hype about, by using the most popular social media sites, and friends that claim to be fashion experts.


Day 1: Thursday


Day one began with an explosion of fun and anticipation, not only by the fashion industry, but by any Kanye West fan, due to his Yeezy Season 3 clothing line and album, The Life of Pablo release party which took place at Madison Square Garden on a live broadcast across theaters in the U.S. The show started with an introduction of 40 minutes, in which models stood in the center of a platform for the people to see. Then West went ahead and thanked his team who believed in him, and his family whose outfit of the night was designed by West himself when he flew out to Paris two days before the show.


The clothing was made up of a neutral color palette, ripped baggy wear, jackets and no accessories, and since I could not get to describe it any further I decided to ask for a viewers opinion, junior, Maria Toro a student, had a very unique view on Wests outtake in fashion.


“He did not change his color palette as much. The color stayed neutral, [and] the fabrics were the same,” Toro said. “The clothes were either really baggy or really formfitting. There was a non-variety. I feel like he played it too safe.”


Day 2: Friday


February 12, another fashion runway show to be on the look out for, was Rihanna’s Puma collection. The setting was black and white forest themed, with smoked mirrors, to help bring the mood and make the colors of the clothes stand out.


While the clothing was similar to street wear, long coats and laced up boots, chunky heels, sweatpants and transparent tops with printed characters in Japanese with the Puma or Fenty (Rihanna’s surname) logo. Gigi Hadid, 20, and Bella Hadid, 19, among others, sported the attire. Rihanna stuck with black, white and minimal amount of color, without making the entire collection look similar, and staying bold and daring as some may like to call it.

Day 3: Saturday


Baby ghost took over on this day with a variety edgy, bad girl type of looks. The clothing was neutral, black and white colors, with small detailed accessories that also included patterns and graphics designs. The models also wore many layered outfits, which consisted of long and baggy jackets.


To set the mood the setting was white with crosses made out of flowers to assimilate tombstones, which created the path for the models.


Day 4: Sunday


On the day of love the catwalk took a toll and added a pop of color with the help of designer J. Crew. He added bright colors to the scenario with bold greens, blues, reds, and risqué patterns. The looks were chic, and sophisticated, accompanied by long pleated skirts, and trench coats with silk scarfs.


Day 5: Monday


Tommy Hilfiger and Jeremy Scott took over the morning as two of the most acclaimed designers of the week. Hilfiger played on with a sailor themed show, yet the fashion had vintage, navy pattern dresses, pants suits, fisherman like knit heavy sweaters, and sailor styles bomber jackets, most of which was worn with heel pumps and socks modeled by the Hadid sisters.


While Scott opted for a retro, 60s with a blend of 80s look filled with bright colorful patterns and accessories, a combination of “Cowboys and Poodles,” Scott told The New York Times. The collection went from mini skirts, cropped tops, bathing suits, played with plastic accessories bouffant wigs worn by sisters Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid, for the second time on this day.


Day 6: Tuesday


One of most talented women, Vera Wang, took the show, with neutral colored clothing, long skirts and dresses worn by Kendall Jenner, 20. I wanted a different perspective, so I asked a friend of mine, Marianna Vargas, for her opinion on this years show, since I know she keeps up with Wang’s seasonal trends.


“I was very excited to see Vera Wang, and her opening ceremony for the show because her collections are always interesting,” Vargas said. “The Vera Wang show [collection] was full of neutral colors with sweaters and skirts for the opening ceremony show they have a lot of futuristic, abstract jackets that I think were really cool.”


Final Reaction


Overall, New York Fashion Week is incredible, although it would be best to experience it in person. All of the fashion and clothing are definitely on the pricey side, yet in my opinion, the cost of it is worth it, because it does not compare to all the amount of talent, work and effort all the designers have put in along with their teams to bring the collections to life.
I, without a doubt, will keep up annually with the show, on the lookout for new fashion inspiration. It has certainly made me want to keep up with trends because fashion does not necessarily have to be about how it makes you look but how it makes you feel.