David Beltran, Podcast Manager

On the dreadful night of November 13th, the people of Paris were experienced several attacks, one of them being at the legendary concert venue Bataclan. American rock band, Eagles of Death Metal, were performing to a crowd of around 1,500. It was a sold out show. While they were performing, three men entered the venue and started randomly shooting people.


When I first heard the news I was worried, horrified, and sickened by what happened. I did not believe it at first, mainly because I never would have thought such a thing would happen at a concert- especially an Eagles of Death Metal show. Having see Eagles live, I feared the worst had happened to a band I really enjoy and care for. It is a band I love and they were performing for people who love them just the same. I cannot imagine what it felt like to be inside the venue when the shooting took place. It was hard for me to take in at first. The thought of all those people dying in an instant at the concert shook me.


It was a Friday night and they were at a show having fun, dancing, and laughing. Then in a matter of minutes, everything changed. I tried to stay away from watching videos of people fleeing the venue because I did not think I could handle it. It was tough. I don’t understand why it happened. It hurts me in a way, because I’m certain that the crowd was confused when the shooting first started while they were having a good time. This whole situation makes me feel bad. I can’t even find the words to describe it. I feel sorrowful for the victims and their families. A concert is a place where people go to unwind, dance, laugh, have a good time, and enjoy live music. It is a special feeling being at a show especially in a venue like Bataclan. It is very hard to describe everything that is going on right with events like this happening. I do not k now what to feel or what to say. All I know is that I don’t like what happened in Paris Friday night- Syria as well. It is a very emotional situation. I was scared for the people that were going through that. And now we must deal with the aftermath.


This is not going away anytime soon. What happened Friday night was an awful event. Words can only say so much. I stand with Paris and send my condolences to the victim’s families. I’m just saddened by this situation and with the way the U.S. is reacting to the refugees. The attacks have caused many deaths and sadly I am sure there are more to come. But in the mist of all this madness, seeing the good people rise up and help one another makes me feel better about the future. “But let’s not forget, before we fight- to love,” Trevor Noah, Daily Show host said Monday after the attacks took place. I believe that we should do such a thing.