The coffee addict’s choice

Dinorah Acuna, Writer

People are constantly drinking coffee, whether it is in the morning to wake them up for the day, in the middle of the day while they relax, or in the evening to keep them awake while working. Whatever the reason, people are coffee lovers to certain extents. In Downey, a majority of coffee lovers usually prefer one of the two main coffeehouses: Starbucks or Coffee Bean.

Looking at the big picture, both businesses seem to be popular but which is better? Both coffee shops are evenly priced, offer free Wi-Fi, provide about the same amount of diversity on their menus and set the standard for the “hang out” café. So when it comes to comparing the two coffeehouses, one must look beyond the price and the diversity of options. Instead, accessibility, style and service are the deal breakers for this rivalry.

Although often overlooked, the accessibility of the two cafés plays an important role in the overall decision of which is better. This is mostly due to the fact that the openness of each location can also unconsciously affect the style of each. With almost 18,000 locations around the world Starbucks is far more convenient to customers while on the other hand, a Coffee Bean is generally harder to find.

“I always come to Starbucks, but when I get lucky and come across a Coffee Bean I’ll go ahead and buy a latté there,” resident Aaron Bell said. “But because I’m always so busy with work I don’t want to waste my time trying to find a Coffee Bean.”

Starbucks is more frequently publicized than Coffee Bean is, which also affects the style each shop has respectively. Because Starbucks is the bigger chain of the two, its locations have a more modern, commercialized, department store feel to them. This contrasts sharply from the boutique-like feel Coffee Bean gives off; it also gives their coffee a somewhat more exotic appeal to the public.

“I prefer Coffee Bean because it sort of has this feel like I am at home enjoying my coffee and that really helps me relax after a long day at school and work,” Warren student, Jennifer Gonzalez said.

Specifically on accessibility and style, it mainly depends on the customers’ lifestyle. But with those two characteristics aside, the service is a heavy determinant. According to most high school/college students and busy workers, Starbucks is generally very efficient and rarely make mistakes. This contrasts with Coffee Bean, which is said to bit slower with orders making customers wait a longer period of time. When Barbara Walker was asked what she liked about Starbucks the most, she responded by saying:

“I really like how they are always quick on giving me my order, and with work and 2 toddlers, I really do not have the time or patience to be waiting around for my Vanilla Bean Frapuccino.”

In the end, the decision of which is better all depends on the preferences of the person. Starbucks and Coffee Bean are diverse, not so much on their products but on their atmospheres, giving people the choice of which fits their preferences best. Whether one has a tight and busy lifestyle or a laid-back and relaxed one, every person is different as well as their decisions and preferences.