Tierra Luna


The City Council has approved the replacement of Downey Studios, which commences during the summer of 2012 because they weren’t making enough money. This new project will include a hotel, 2 box stores a 16-screen theater, and much more, and will hopefully generate over $4.2 million in tax revenue.

Gustavo Ramirez, Opinions Editor

Recently passed on Dec. 21 by Mayor Brossmer and the City Council, the “Tierra Luna” building project is expected to create within 3,000+ jobs in Downey to revitalize the city’s economy. Tierra Luna, in a nutshell, is a brand new shopping center, that will be built on the land currently used by Downey Studios. The studios, the site where the Apollo spacecraft was built, will be torn down to make room for the new complex.


The reviews for the plan, however, have been heavily mixed. On the one hand, Downey could use the commerce and growth in popularity; on the other, the city tarnishes its history. The debate between the two options is heated and both sides hold their respective points.


The marketplace has caused a deep rift between the city council members and citizens who feel as though the project is a hasty and ill-considered addition. During the city hall meeting held on Jan. 10, citizen Carlos Romero vented about the unfairness of the decision:


“Why were we not told about this sooner?” Romero said. “It feels as though Downey is not taking into consideration the thoughts of its citizens.”


People hold strong sentiments for the historical monuments within Downey, a fact that is highly noticeable in the continued antiquity of the town. Certain residents feel that tearing down the studio would relegate the city into yet another lavish strip mall with houses.


“They can’t tear down the studios, because it’s a part of our history; to destroy it would be to tear down our rich history,” junior John Fernandez said.


Yet, there are equally fervent desires for the creation of a streamlined, modern, and multi-useful commerce section. Residents point to the creation of jobs, added revenue, growth as a city with a palatable business aura, and the greater modernization of the city.


“It would benefit the city far greater than the Downey Studios has,” senior Nicole Gallo said. “It offers more to the city. What was the last thing of importance that it [Downey Studios] created?”


While the range of debate is wide, the plan is final. The Tierra Luna marketplace is a reality that is bound to happen, and the spirited discussions surrounding the Downey Studio’s demolition can be written as a sign of how deep and impactful the history of the town is on the average citizen.