The Downey Legend

“The Pasta”

Lauren Silva, Illustrator April 20, 2022


Happy Valentines Day...?

“Happy Valentine’s Day…?”

Vivian De Elias, Illustrator February 15, 2022

Club Rush 2022

Club Rush 2022

Kimberly Moreno and Ariel Lara February 9, 2022

As the second semester comes to a start in Downey High School, Downey hosts their annual Club Rush for a second time again. Club Rush gives all grades the opportunity to join and know the clubs that...

CTE Programs: Automotive

Fatima Garcia, Kimberly Moreno, and Jonathan Velasquez January 11, 2022

Auto Tech is a course that promotes innovative thinking, teamwork, and assists students in embarking on a possible career path. Two students who are recognized for exceeding in the program are seniors...

Online Students’ Experiences

November 20, 2021

With the 2020-2021 school year, many students got to experience online learning for the first time.  While there were many students who struggled or found it hard to adjust, online learning benefitted...

#DeviousLick: The TikTok Trend That Has Left Students in Handcuffs

Ximena Solorzano, Photographer October 7, 2021

TikTok has been the birthplace of many recent dangerous trends on the internet. The Devious Lick trend, however, has left many in shock and others facing charges of vandalism and theft of school property.    The...

What’s going on in Afghanistan

Samantha Ramirez, Writer October 6, 2021

We’ve all seen the videos-- bawling hysteric parents surrendering their young children to U.S. and British soldiers over mountainous fences, wanting their children to be taken away from the destruction...

Door To Door Scammers

Kelly Zabala, Writer March 21, 2021

On January 23rd, 2021, Downey High School’s instagram posted a warning for their followers. This forewarning told of the scammers going door to door claiming to be a part of an extracurricular as students...

Opinion: Raising the Minimum Wage

Michael Bilodeau, Writer March 1, 2021
Though while the federal minimum wage is $7.25, the movement FIGHT FOR 15 wishes to increase wages - and the argument against it is flawed.

Christmas Cookies Recipes

Itzel Cabrales, Writer December 16, 2020

The holidays are right around the corner and finding fun holiday activities can become quite a handful. Baking is a hobby enjoyed by many year-round, especially during the winter season where you can get...

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