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Senior cheerleader, Mikyla Minning, was diagnosed with arthritis at the age of three and has since been trying to overcome her obstacles. “I know I’m lucky because despite having arthritis I don’t have it as severe as others,” Minning said. “I honestly just do my best to stay positive and stay within what I know my body is capable of handling.”

5 Questions with Mikayla Mining

Esmeralda Martinez, Copy Editor May 31, 2016

Senior, Mikayla Mining, was diagnosed with arthritis at the age of three. Mining currently attends Downey High School and annually promotes arthritis awareness through fundraisers and through casual...

5 Questions With Mr. Hansen

Cintia Macias, Co-Photo Editor May 27, 2016

After eleven long years as drama teacher, Mr. Hansen will be stepping down and handing the drama-teaching baton to Ms. Simpson.   Q1: What has been your biggest achievement as a Drama teacher? “A...

5 Questions With Francine Mendoza

Aimee-Nicole Torres, Community/Parent & Teachers Editor May 27, 2016

Graduating senior, Francine Mendoza talks about her years at Downey High School, Prom, and what she wants to do once she graduates. Mendoza has attended Downey since her freshman year and has participated...

Finally reaching his goal, Mario Marsetti, 10, broke the sophomore 400-meter record, on April 14, at Warren High. Marsetti beat the record time of 51:84 and “felt accomplished.”

Sophomore Breaks School Track Record

Dianna Jimenez , Staff Writer May 16, 2016

Continuing his successful track season, sophomore, Mario Marsetti broke the school record for the 400-meter race against Warren High School on April 14.   Q1: Was it your plan to break this...

Having recently transferred to Downey from a private high school, Glendale Adventist Academy, Jocelyne Rojas, 10, talks about her future and her vast change of environment.

5 Questions with Jocelyne Rojas

Melissa Hernandez, Staff Writer May 11, 2016

As of last week, Jocelyne Rojas, 10, is the new girl in school, and she tells about the major differences between her old private school, compared to Downey, and her hope for the future. Q1. Describe...

Freshman in college in Pakistan, Syed Hussin is now a junior in high school; Hussin is now studying here at Downey High School on a Visa his family applied for when he was 4 years old.

5 Questions With Syed Hussain

Dianna Jimenez, Staff Writer April 22, 2016

Three weeks ago, seventeen year-old Syed Hussain, 11, finally immigrated to the United States from Pakistan in order to continue his studies after having waited thirteen years to procure a visa.   Q1:...

His years of strenuous AP classes ¬¬¬and extracurricular activities have paid off for, Robert Nevarez, 12, as he has been wait-listed to both, Harvard and Stanford. Nevarez, unlike other applicants, was given three interviews by Harvard University.

5 Questions with Robert Nevarez

Sabrina Picou, Editor-In-Chief April 20, 2016

Robert Nevarez, 12, has been accepted and wait-listed to the Ivy League school Harvard and the prestigious private university Stanford. He shares how it felt to be wait-listed and gives insight to...

Foreign exchange student, Guillaume Oury, 11, traveled all the way from France to experience American culture in Downey High School for two weeks.

5 Questions with Guillaume

Lidia Rios, Public Relations Manager March 9, 2016

Seventeen year old, Guillaume Oury, is a student from France who is part of the foreign exchange program, and although he has only been in the California for a week and a half, he has already gained...

JV soccer player, Giselle Hernandez, 11, was born without her left arm, but does not let that stop her from doing what she loves best: playing soccer. “I was born without an arm, so I had to get used to doing things differently,” Hernandez says. “It motivates me because I like to challenge myself at times.”

5 Questions with Giselle Hernandez

Angelica Fregoso, Staff Writer March 7, 2016

DHS soccer player Giselle Hernandez, 11, plays a pivotal role on the JV team as defense, and the attitude she utilizes reflects the one she has gained throughout her life while overcoming the adversity...

Dancer Lucia Ruiz, 12, finds herself able to vote in Bolivia, and shares the importance of being an active citizen here and in her home country.

The Bolivian Voter

Melissa Hernandez, Staff Writer March 4, 2016

In the midst of elections in the both the United States and in Bolivia, dancer, Lucia Ruiz, 12, finds herself able to vote in Bolivia, yet to not able vote in the United States for the time being.   Q1:...

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