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Mental Health Amid Covid-19: Update

Katherine Portillo, Writer

May 19, 2020

As the days get longer in quarantine we continue to see distress in the mental health of others. Many popular news outlets like CNN, Time Magazine, and the Los Angeles Times have posted articles on how to help people suffering from their own mental health struggles during this time.   On Tues...

Existentialism In The Age Of Coronavirus

Lukas Luna, Co-Copy Editor

May 19, 2020

“I am sick of quarantine.” It certainly is not a unique sentiment, I am far from the only holder of it and I will not delude myself into thinking otherwise. But if I might be allowed to be extremely self-centered for a minute, I feel that I might be able to offer what is at least an uncommon view of...

Mental Health Amid COVID-19

Katherine Portillo, Writer

April 15, 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic begins to increase we start to see a decline in mental health as well. This could be brought upon by many things such as not being able to leave the house, the nerves of this disease getting closer to you, and PTSD brought on from this pandemic. As the pandemic continues, the ...

Beyond The Black Parade: Part 3

Lukas Luna, Co-Copy Editor

April 5, 2020

By all accounts, the narrative of My Chemical Romance had ended. They had already offered two protagonists, established strong themes, and paid off those themes in a satisfying conclusion. Surely, there was nothing left to add. But they did anyway.    2010’s Danger Days: The True Lives Of Fabu...

Why Pixar Isn’t The Same

Diego Martinez, Copy Editor

March 24, 2020

Do you remember the rich character fun and memorable stories in Onward, The Good Dinosaur, The Incredibles 2, and Toy Story 4? I doubt it. Disney-Pixar is not special sight anymore, and it surely is not a memorable cinema.    The recent sequels to fan-favorite series and new movies have be...

Beyond The Black Parade: Part 2

Lukas Luna, Co-Copy Editor

March 24, 2020

With the release of 2004's Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, My Chemical Romance established themselves as storytellers with a strong concept album under their belt. While Three Cheers was certainly an ambitious project, it pales into comparison to what the group would try next.    For most ...

Stigma Around Mental Health

To believe that you are okay is what, Rebecca Melendez, 12, deems most important for mental health. “Mental health means to me that you are okay and believe that you are okay because from my experience I have seen my friends say they are okay when they weren’t,” Melendez stated. “What helps me is sitting by myself to collect my thoughts listening to music. Yoga has also been a big help for me because it makes me relax from when I am in my head and overthinking.”

Katherine Portillo and Jaylene Cardona

March 13, 2020

Dealing with Mental Health issues is very difficult, let alone dealing with these problems as teenagers, especially when we are barely figuring out who we are as people and what our purpose is.  By being educated on mental health we as people will be able to know how to help those who are suffering. ...

Beyond the Black Parade – Part 1

Lukas Luna, Co-Copy Editor

March 13, 2020

To say My Chemical Romance’s return has sparked a renewed appreciation for their work is an understatement. Ever since the golden child of 2000s emo has announced reformation, everyone from the most “refined” music journalist to the average fan has been confessing to being huge fans of the band all...

How Mental Health Affects your Physical Health

Katherine Portillo, Writer

March 11, 2020

Many people are afraid to speak on the topic of mental health because society tells us it is not important, or at least, not as important as your physical well being. How can this be true with problems like eating disorders, self-harm, suicide, and panic disorders? Mental health is as important as your ...

Why Representation of Children with Disabilities Matters

Andre Lucas, Writer

March 5, 2020

Recently, an image of a handicapped child, Oliver Garza-Pena, viewing in astonishment an advertisement that featured a kid who happened to be handicapped just like Garza went viral online, and it has since stimulated a conversation about inclusion of the physically disabled in advertisements. My take on t...

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