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First year tutor of the Writing Center, Erika Arteaga, 11, tells us that the Writing Center helps people write more efficiently and be less scared when writing. Arteaga became a tutor by applying with a form she got from her English class and taking a video of why she wants to be a Writing Center Tutor, all because she loves helping people. During One-on-Ones with the tutors, they help people with specific sections that they tend to struggle on. I like that each and every one of the tutors has a different point of view, she said. That can help people come up with a compromise in their writing.

The Writing Center

Leilani Montes, Photographer October 12, 2021

Club Rush 2021

Ximena Solorzano and Gina Campos September 30, 2021

Our school dance team hosts a refreshing drink stand that is perfect for the hot weather. Delicious agua frescas (flavors such as watermelon and lemonade), Gatorades, and cold waters are sold from $1 to $6. It is currently a “hot spot” for students after school on Thursdays that catches everyones eyes. No one would want to miss out on this perfect opportunity. 
“I started Thirsty Thursdays with the Dance Team girls in order to help us fundraise for our intense year, especially since we hope to go to Florida again this year! With the support from our coach, team moms, and peers… this fundraiser has been able to be a huge success and we hope to continue it every Thursday throughout this hot weather.” - Maya Mercado-Garcia, 12.

Downey Dance Team’s “Thirsty Thursdays”

Jaclyn Urzua, Co-Copy Editor September 30, 2021

With a new school year, Key club has gotten new club members ready to take on new community service projects this year. There are many events planned for this year such as club rush September 15th & 16th both lunches and a fundraiser at Chipotle on 8500 Firestone Blvd, September 22nd from 4:00pm to 8:00pm. During A lunch, President, Armando Rameriez and secretary, Karina Marquez take the lead in telling the club new upcoming club activities.

With a love for Key Club after being a part of it for three years, Karina Maquez, 11, explains what Key club is about to her. “In Key Club we are always striving to help out our community in any way possible,” Maquez stated. “... Whether it is a clothes drive, planting trees, or sending notes to show our gratitude!”

Key club: Upcoming events and what its about

Valerie Mora, Co-Copy Editor September 20, 2021

Let’s Erase the Stigma

Gina Campos, Photographer October 16, 2020

To start fall, Downey High’s newest club, Let’s Erase the Stigma, made their public debut on Sept. 24. Created by four juniors, this club’s members and staff have vowed to dedicate themselves and...

Instead of sleeping in or going out to work, Blanca Pacheco, Downey’s Mayor, volunteers her Saturday morning to be dunked in freezing cold water. “It’s so exciting but also so scary when you’re sitting up there because you never know when the ball will hit,” Mayor Pacheco said. “I’d gladly volunteer to come again next year and be dunked again, I think it’s amazing what these kids are doing- events like these are important to help spread awareness.”

Are You Up For The Challenge?

Andre Lucas and Clarissa Arceo March 9, 2020

On Saturday, March 7, Downey High School’s Thirst Project club hosted their annual Walk for Water. Participants were given the opportunity to walk around the track carrying up to two gallons of water...

Her first year at Downey High School, Samantha Magallon, 10, brims with excitement about the newest club at DHS, the Mariachi Club. “I’ve been playing the guitar for about three years already,” Magallon said. “I love playing it and joining the Mariachi club means that I get to be around people who share the same passion.”

Downey High School’s New Mariachis Club

Lukas Luna and Clarissa Arceo February 4, 2020

Downey High School’s band program is certainly large, but it’s growth may be hindered by students who see musical experience as necessary to joining. To help grow the program, Band Director, Mr....

At one of the many after school meetings for the Eco Club, Marie Olmedo, 12, takes over the presentation and expresses her feelings towards the tragic events going on right now related to environmental issues. “I like to get myself involved with the activities that can help the environment” said Olmedo “For example attending beach clean ups monthly.”

Eco Club

Brisa Rodriguez, Photographer February 4, 2020

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