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Instead of sleeping in or going out to work, Blanca Pacheco, Downey’s Mayor, volunteers her Saturday morning to be dunked in freezing cold water. “It’s so exciting but also so scary when you’re sitting up there because you never know when the ball will hit,” Mayor Pacheco said. “I’d gladly volunteer to come again next year and be dunked again, I think it’s amazing what these kids are doing- events like these are important to help spread awareness.”

Andre Lucas and Clarissa Arceo

March 9, 2020

On Saturday, March 7, Downey High School’s Thirst Project club hosted their annual Walk for Water. Participants were given the opportunity to walk around the track carrying up to two gallons of water or large jerry cans in order to empathize with the millions of people in developing countries ...

Downey High School’s New Mariachis Club

Her first year at Downey High School, Samantha Magallon, 10, brims with excitement about the newest club at DHS, the Mariachi Club. “I’ve been playing the guitar for about three years already,” Magallon said. “I love playing it and joining the Mariachi club means that I get to be around people who share the same passion.”

Lukas Luna and Clarissa Arceo

February 4, 2020

Downey High School’s band program is certainly large, but it’s growth may be hindered by students who see musical experience as necessary to joining. To help grow the program, Band Director, Mr. Guerrero, is advising a new Mariachi club designed specifically to appeal to students with little-to-...

Eco Club

At one of the many after school meetings for the Eco Club, Marie Olmedo, 12, takes over the presentation and expresses her feelings towards the tragic events going on right now related to environmental issues. “I like to get myself involved with the activities that can help the environment” said Olmedo “For example attending beach clean ups monthly.”

Brisa Rodriguez, Photographer

February 4, 2020

Jazz Band: JEN Conference

Kelly Zabala, Contributor

February 3, 2020

On Jan. 7th, Downey High School’s jazz bands took flight to New Orleans to perform in the Jazz Education Network’s annual conference, which lasted through Jan. 11th. The Jazz Education Network is a program that dedicates time into building the jazz community by promoting performances through festivals,...

PIH Volunteers

Wanting to have experience in a hospital setting, Tony Polony, 12, volunteers on the second floor and the ambassador center, helping patients enjoy comfortable visit. “The ambassador center shows more leadership and very active throughout my shift, and second floor allows me to see nurses and doctors do their work first work,” Polony states. “I would recommend to anyone who wants to experience being in the hospital setting, it's a great experience.”

Jaylene Cardona, Business Manager

January 28, 2020

Charity Through Clubs and Foundations

Diego Martinez, Andre Lucas, and Sam Duque

January 5, 2020

During the season of gift-giving, numerous acts of charity work are carried out by either one person or an organization in communities across America. At Downey High School, acts of charity are not only done around the Holiday season, but all year round by a slew of community service clubs all over campus s...

The Stay Gallery Hosts … Poetry Slam!

Andre Lucas, Writer

January 4, 2020

On Saturday, Dec. 7, Downey School’s Thirst Project hosted a Poetry Slam contest at the Stay Gallery not only to fundraise but also to educate the public on the global water crisis, which has left over 663 million people without access to clean drinking water, according to the organization. Throughout...

Downey Compete At DTASC

As the director from Large Group Drama, Saul Conde, 12, was proud and passionate about their competition as they take the 9th place trophy. “DTASC has multiple categories and we had entered in large group drama which the only thing was to pick any dramatic piece, do it in 8 minutes, 4 chairs and no more than 6 people.” Conde stated “We were trying to replicate all of the KOS and terror one feels when going through a suicidal period.”

Lukas Luna and Brisa Rodriguez

November 19, 2019

  On October 29, Downey High School’s large group drama competed in Drama Teachers of Association of Southern California’s (DTASC) Varsity Division Fall Festival at Calabasas High School. Downey’s troupe scored ninth place in large group drama performing Four: Forty-Eight Psychosis by S...

Thirst Gala

Natalie Ramirez, Photographer

November 9, 2019

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