Students’ Experiences on Winter Formal

Jocelyn Gonzalez, Copy Editor

Despite the rise of Covid-19, Downey was able to host Winter Formal with a few accommodations. This dance, which took place on January 29, 2022 at the Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach, only had 1,000 tickets available. All Covid-19 safety protocols were enforced as students were required to be tested negative for entry. 


With the new policy that the school employed, some students did not mind about being tested. This new policy provides students the reassurance to attend winter formal as everyone in the dance has been tested negative for Covid. Some students, such as Melissa Moran, 10, and Mia Escalante, 11, do not think that it was absolutely requisite to be tested. 


“I didn’t feel like it was too necessary,” Moran stated. “ [However} it is nice to know people did get tested, it just gives people a safer reason to come.”


I did not mind being tested,” Escalante said. “I appreciate the school’s initiative to test, although in my opinion, it makes no difference since we attend school every day.”

With this mandate, students felt secure attending winter formal. Knowing that everyone was tested and this being a school dance in an open area, some students decided to have their mask off which some students, like Victoria Garcia, 11, were fine with. 


“I want to have fun, and be able to pose for pictures whenever, without having to constantly take my mask off,” Garcia states. “Even with this, I felt very safe at formal, as everyone was tested, and there is no reason to not feel safe.”


With all the new Covid precautions and procedures, some students were able to bypass all of that and just enjoy the night, especially those who came to winter formal for the first time. 


“I loved winter formal. The vibe was amazing,” Moran said. “Honestly, I have nothing to complain about. Overall, the music was great, the people were amazing, and the venue was spectacular.”


There was music, small desserts, and many spots to get your pictures taken. Many enjoyed the scenery and layout of the dance. The location, as well, had much praise as many students loved how MOLAA made the dance come alive. The music has mixed emotions as some liked the DJ while others would disagree. 


The music was not awful. The dance was extraordinary. The setting, the lights, the centerpieces, the people hosting and working the dance all made it over the top,” Garcia states. “I loved Winter formal more than Homecoming.” 


“My 360 videos, photo booth picture, videos, and photos in general, were so amazing, and I will adore them forever,” Escalante said. “It really was a spectacular night!”

Overall, many students would agree that they had a great and fun night.