Tristan Yepez is a Brand Agent for Hollister Co.

Alexis Gutierrez, Writer

Once minors turn 16, with exceptions, they are eligible by the state to have part-time jobs. Downey High student Tristan Yepez, 12, opted to participate in this opportunity. He applied and accepted a Hollister offer to become a brand agent.


Yepez is one of 75 brand agents that are full time high school students. Students who are brand agents for Hollister have to apply online, go through multiple interviews, be over the age of 16 and must be the one and only brand agent for their high school.


Q: Do you work with Hollister Co. alone or do you work with its sister store, Abercrombie and Fitch?


Yepez: I work with Hollister alone, I am a brand agent, I am one of 75 in the nation.


Q: A brand agent, what does that job title include?


Yepez: What we do is we spread the love of the brand through just our everyday lives and I’m a social media influencer. I promote the brand through social media and I wear and rock the clothes and spreading the brand.


Q: Do they send you clothes or do you pay to receive the gear?


Yepez: I do get clothes and what I do sometimes, I do activations.


Q: What is an activation?


Yepez: They are just ways to promote Hollister and they send me activities or missions to do and I have to do certain missions. For example, last week they sent me a Hollister coat and I had to prank my friend and give him the treat afterwards and post it on social media. Also, recently they gave me five gift cards and I had to distribute those to people who followed the instructions on my Instagram story. They send of missions like that to promote the brand and its awareness.


Q: Did you apply for this job?


Yepez: So what I did was over the summer [is] I applied online to get the job. I have a friend that goes to Paramount actually because she also is a brand agent and she referred me. I went to four online interviews, all online because the people are from Ohio. I did interviews all summer and eventually got the job on Sept. 13. Then, they sent me to Ohio for training. All 75 of us went; it was a four day training trip.


Q: Is being a promoter or brand agent something you want to pursue as a career out of high school?


Yepez: Yeah, I really wanna work for Hollister as long as I can. It’s such an awesome company and they have the best clothes. I think I wanna be able to work with more companies like them or maybe Abercrombie and Fitch.


Students in high school can apply online to work as a brand agent for Hollister Co.  However Downey High already has their own agent, so applicants will have to wait until Yepez graduates.


Brand Agent online application: