Meet Me By The Bayou

Sebastian Cornejo, Co-Business Manager

The Vikings faced Dominguez High on Oct. 5 and won the Homecoming pink game with a score of 56-20. The following day, the Homecoming dance took place at the Rio Hondo Country Club for the third consecutive year, this year’s theme being Mardi Gra, “Meet Me By The Bayou”.


At the halftime show, the Homecoming queen revealed. The wait was over and the queen was Valeria Gomez, 12. She expressed her emotions that went through her mind at the show.


“I was happy to be on court, I knew my friends wanted me to be queen” Gomez said. “I couldn’t believe it, and I could not stop smiling seeing everyone cheering.”


ASB Dance Coordinator, Alyssa Cortez, 12, expresses her sentiment on how the dance sold out tickets a week earlier than expected.


“I’m glad a lot of people wanted to go to homecoming and have a good time,” Cortez said. “I believe they sold out quickly because of the underclassmen’s interest in going, which usually doesn’t happen.”


Alexis Ramirez, 12, discusses her most memorable moment with her friends at the dance.


“It was fun seeing people from school dressed up so nicely,” Ramirez said, “ it was a fun environment dancing and socializing with all my friends.


The dance was at the Rio Hondo Golf Course and it lasted from 8-11 p.m.. Students came together, filling up the dance floor and danced the night away at the bayou.