Unknown Wilting by Andres Flores

Nicole Estrada, Writer

While being in Downey High School’s production of Grease, Andres Flores had to leave before the last show on Friday, May 11 to see whether or not his painting made it to top 5 in the Lucille Roybal-Allard Student Art Show. Flores ended up winning second place for his work “Unknown Wiliting,” created only with acrylic paint, color pencil, marker, and watercolor.


Andres Flores, 12, could not believe that his painting made it to second place. Once he found out, he rushed back to the Downey Civic Theatre to finish his last show of Grease.


“It’s hard to believe that my painting that I took my time and creativity on with everything else going on in my life made it to second place,” Flores said. “Once I got back to the theatre, I told my friends and they were so excited for me and I couldn’t imagine my life without them.”


Mia Mohr, 12, has been one of his closest friends and she has been with him since the beginning.


“When I found out that Andres won second place for his painting, I was as excited for him as he was,” Mohr said. “We all believed in him and the fact that he made it this far in life is amazing.”


Samantha Buell, 12, is a proud friend of the achievements that Flores has achieved during this year.


“I couldn’t be any more proud of someone in my life, he has pushed himself so much this year and with all that he has accomplished this year,” Buell said. “Literally throughout these four months he’s accomplished so much.”

Flores’ senior year has been filled with many achievements. Flores portrayed a jock in the spring musical of Grease, was able to win third place at the Shakespeare Festival, and now second place at the art show.