It is an Artist’s World

Esmeralda Martinez, Copy Editor

Downey High School student, Raquel Hernandez is an artist who portrays her assertions and opinions through her paintings. She has been painting since she was five. Art lives in some, and for others, it is not more than a simple painting. Hernandez has hopes to one day become a professional artist who spreads creativity amongst the youth.


“I don’t know, when I was little, my dad was my biggest influence. I loved his drawings,” Hernandez, said. “One day, I went to church and saw a painting of a scenery and was so shocked that my dad painted that. It’s made me what I am; I love it.”


Senior, Ariana Garcia, has known Hernandez since the tender age of five. Hernandez and Garcia both attend the same church and have shared many memories together.


“I think a career in art is good because it helps others feel better,” Garcia says. “I think Raquel should chase her dreams and enjoy her career choice; nothing should effect her happiness.”


Close friend of Hernandez, Arianna Zapata, has been a leading contribution for Hernandez’s choice of career.


“I think Raquel is an awesome person, both internally and externally,” Zapata said. “I think she’s so talented and should continue to follow her dreams. She’s an amazing artist.”


With the artistic passion she portrays in her art, her aspirations cease to come to an end. Hernandez hopes to attend college and major in art history. Her story is yet to be written.