Born to lead

On Feb. 24 during lunch Camille Norczyk , 11, talks about how she enjoys talking to kids and getting them prepared for what’s to come for them in the future. “I like the feeling of people looking up to me,” Norczyk said.

Natalie Gomez, Arts & Entertainment Section Editor/ Staff Writer

On Jan. 31, junior Camille Norczyk spoke at a leadership conference held by the 4H organization, at Good Shepherd Christian Church, in the city of Los Angeles, where she taught kids ranging from the ages of 12 to 14 on how to become a leader of tomorrow.


Norczyk has been a part of this youth development program since she was in the fifth grade. As she got older, Norczyk began speaking as a Junior All-Star at leadership conferences where the main focus is to get kids to understand leadership and get them to step up and become leaders themselves.


“I teach the kids how to be excited about leadership positions and I try to make it fun for them,” Norczyk said. “The ice breakers I do are really important because they get people comfortable and involved.”


Aside from being a leader within the 4H program, Norczyk has also been the JV water polo leader for the past two years. History teacher and girls water polo coach, Cesar Armendariz, has known Camille for the past three years that she has been on the team.


“The great thing about Camille is that she is able to tell the team what to do without sounding angry or condescending,” Armendariz said. “Her teammates respect her because she challenges them without placing herself above the rest of the team.”


Norczyk holds leadership positions in and out of school. She’s the fundraiser planner for the farm club as well as the activities director for the San Gabriel 4H Fair, also known as the Chino Valley Fair.


Dee Keese is one of the adult directors of the 4H Fair, the head adult leader of the Pomona Valley 4H Club, and is Norczyk’s adviser for the Junior All Star Program.


“Camille has excelled in every facet of leadership in 4H,” Keese said. “I knew that she would be perfect in this position at the San Gabriel 4H Fair because of her compassion for the younger 4H members.”


Norczyk values all of the leadership positions she now holds because she explained that before 4H, she wasn’t as outspoken as she is now. Norczyk is currently trying to go from Junior All Star to Los Angeles County All Star for the 2015-2016 year.