Tackling the coffee craze


Marianne Aguilar

In the month of December of 2012, with Mr. Zegarra’s help Mrs. Hernandez gathered students from her business class and brought to life Small Town Brew, a coffee shop in the stadium. “We made mistakes like any business would make,” Hernandez said. “But we got through it.”

Edward Valencia, Writer/Parents and Teachers Editor

The business team’s coffee shop that opened last year under the stadium to accommodate the student body’s growing appetite for the caffeinated drinks is currently looking for new applicants.

Mrs. Hernandez, one of the school’s business teachers, oversees the shop and selects the students who will work there. They sell variations of coffee including lattes, mochas, macchiato, and espressos, an alternative for students feeling rushed and unable to wait in lines at Starbucks and The Coffee Bean.

Hernandez oversees the entire operation, but allows the students to run it. To work at the coffee shop, students have to partake in either first or second period, or work early mornings. Hernandez is hoping that the coffee shop will open around seven in the morning.

Vice Principal, Mr. Zegarra approached Hernandez and suggested that a coffee shop be added to the school and the entrepreneurship class.

“She’s the business teacher, I wanted to see if she would like to be in charge of a student-run business,” Zegarra said. “I figured why not have a business on campus? If we could offer a product to students, why not coffee?”

Zegarra thought that students and faculty alike would enjoy having a cafe on campus, because of its immense popularity.

“Mr. Zegarra, he used to be a barista,” Hernandez said. “He enjoys the topic of coffee, and he said we should start a coffee shop and I said ‘O.K.’.”

Zegarra provided the coffee grinders, espresso machine, and the first few batches of coffee. Hernandez provides the coffee, creamer, and other supplies.

Mrs. Delgado, a frequent coffee drinker, is also looking forward to the shop, and new beverages it may offer throughout the year.

“I think it would be excellent for them to introduce peppermint mocha,” Delgado said. I would definitely try it, or maybe a flavor of the month,” says Delgado.

With winter fast approaching, students and staff will want to buy hot beverages somewhere near the school. Luckily, with the new coffee shop, espresso, coffee, more are

Now conveniently located on campus, supporting the school, and giving its students an opportunity to gain work experience.